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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thank you (Last Bday Post)

A CakeA teddy, scrap book, a cake (plus a Marie Digby CD)
Fondue set, checkered scarf, cakeA cap, key holder/ signage, cologne/ perfume

It has been quite a long time since I last had a quick chat with God and thanked Him for all the blessings that I had. So I'm taking a short moment of my time to give Him all the praises.
Thank you Lord for this nice birthday. To say that I felt loved is an understatement. I was almost drowning in it (in a very good way).
Thank you Lord for the good food. I know you want to make me fat. To keep me from becoming "hot". I can settle for cute and cuddly.

Thank you Lord for all those who greeted me. I know you somehow made them remember somehow that your child deserves all the text messages, phone calls and whatever.

Thank you Lord for all of the gifts. I hope you didn't bully anyone to give all of them. But I do thank you not for the gifts of things but for the gifts of friends. Thanks for giving them to me.

Thank you Lord for friends who went out of their way just to give me a good bday celeb. Thanks to James for cooking tuna carbonara, lengua... etc. To tita jennet for cooking laing, pichy2x and puto and a surprise of homemade cheese cake.
Thank you Lord for new friends. Each day has been such a blessing. Sharing good food and tea and a real conversation is a treasure to cherish.
Thank you Lord for my family. Broken only by society's norm, but made whole by Your grace and love.

Thank you Lord for my work. I may complain a lot. But I know that you placed me where I am today. With this knowledge, I know you are always with me (deadlines, meetings, sleepless nights and all).
and lastly...

Thank you Lord for the gift of Love. That I may share it to others and more.

3 mga umutot:

odin hood said...

parang ganito rin balak ko gawin sana para dun sa "thank you" post ko e... kaya lang sabaw ako nun kaya i kept it simple na lang.

your post prettymuch explains how i feel din, i feel grateful for everything.

im happy for you as well!

dabo said...

belated happy birthday dude..

Toilet Thoughts said...

@Odin: happy happy!

@dabo: mas happy ka. hehe.


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