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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Iyugyog mo! Iyugyog mo!

“Iyugyog mo! Iyugyog mo! Iyugyog mo! (small voice) Iyugyog mo!”

(trans.: c’mon jiggle it!4x)

- my dad singing to one of Willy Revillame’s song while jogging

I was quietly jogging with my dad around the village with my two little brothers tagging along on their bike when all of a sudden I hear my dad sing that awful awful awful song.

First it was my little brothers singing an Aegis song while I was on my emo mode the other day, now this.

I almost tripped. Face flat on the rough pavement. Seriously.

Ohhhh. I fear for myself. What sort of gene runs through my blood????!!!!!!

Then on our way home, he sees an old lady rummaging through trash. Getting whatever cartons, bottles, or any recyclable junk she can find. And as she goes to one trash bin to another, she was having an obviously hard time carrying her sack of cartons.

My dad then literally ran towards her to help. And after reaching another bin, he gave her a folded paperbill before running back to us. The look on the old lady’s gratified face was enough to get me all teared up, I simply had to look away.

Dad, you may be the most jologs/ uncool dad there is, but hey, I am proud to have you as my dad.

Crazy gene pool or not, I love you dad.

12 mga umutot:

dabo said...
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dabo said...

wow! you should be proud of your genes!!

Mugen said...

awww. ang bait naman ng dad mo. hehehe. I could imagine your bonding moments.

jonathan said...

Our own peculiarity makes us unique from each other. We have to understand that peculiarity to appreciate it, but you went beyond by loving the whole person.

wanderingcommuter said...

why am i not surprised? hahaha. biro lang!

kung tayong mga kabataan hidni tayo pinakikialaman ng mga magulang sa music natin, bakit natin sila pipigilans a ghusto nila. hehehehe.

salamat ulit!

Toilet Thoughts said...

@dabo: oo naman! cute kong to! hehe.

@Mugen: He once invited me for a night of drinking, maglalabas ng sama ng loob. O diba baligtad?

@Jon: Thanks dude.

@Ewik: you're welcome. :P

gingertea said...

dapat pala ma meet ko dad mo para maabutan ako ng folded paper bill hehe.

i believe that random acts of kindness stem from the conscience. it is people like your dad who make this world a better and humane place.

subtle yet compelling lesson in generosity from your dad.

Toilet Thoughts said...

@gingertea: I agree. :P

Toilet Thoughts said...

@gingertea: pag inabutan ka ng folded paper bill, dapat me 50% ako dun. hahaha!

lucas said...

if he was my dad and i heard him sing that song, i'd probably laugh my heart out! hahaha!

you're dad is soooooo cool. wish i have those jogging times with my dad.

bakit? ano bang nangyari sa prom mo nung HS? ahehe!

Roland said...

ang cool ni dadday... ang bait pa... sana ganyan din si junior!!! hahaha

nice one.

adette said...

Couz iim so proud of you..its so nice that you could see the beauty in life and share it inspire others..

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