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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Spice Fusion, Cebu

On my usual sojourn again to the danggit and dried mango island tomorrow. I guess time and distance are helping me out…. In this time of getting miserably fat.

This food post is about one fave restaurant I have in Cebu. I remember on one trip in Singapore, I was wishing I could find a good fusion restaurant back home. But I never thought I’d find one in Cebu. We don’t have the sting ray though. But still, Spice fusion offered to be one of the best Asian fusion I’ve been to in Cebu and (some parts of) Manila. The right
amount of spice, a bit of Filipino to suit our taste buds, but still was able to retain the authenticity of other Asian countries’ dish.

Read on to know more. More pictures posted at Multiply account.

Name: Spice Fusion
Where: Banilad Town Center (BTC) Cebu
Contact details: (+63) (32) 344 29 23
Cuisine: Asian fusion
Food rate: 8.5 out of 10
Ambiance: Your usual resto, but food taste compensates for the lack of ambiance

Service: Even on a busy day, I’d still say they give good attention to customers. From ordering, to the arrival of your dish, to billing out, things turn out unusually smooth. A refreshing feat from most restaurants that I’ve been to.

Cost: Cebu is Cebu. You can’t have the same price in Manila, thus food trips are so much inevitable in this place. Crab would cost less than 500 Php (the heaviest weighed), main dishes would range from 150 to 300 Php. And they have a substantial serving amount good for 3-4 people.

Some Recommendations: I’d recommend Roti and pork/ chicken satay for your appetizers; Chili crab, chili prawn, and cashew chicken for your main dish and finally, banana fritters for your dessert.

Overall Assessment: A place worth coming back to. They’ve opened more branches in malls around Cebu, but I’d still recommend their cook in BTC (unless he got transfered).

If you can recommend a good Asian Fusion in Manila, I’d definitely want to try ‘em. Cheers! Happy eating during this Love Month!

More pictures at my Multiply account.

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Mugen said...

Nagutom naman ako. Hehehe.

JP aka handyman said...

i agree with you poy, spice fusion is indeed one of the best... the bestest!!! hehehe

aajao said...

nakakagutom naman ito. gusto ko nung recommendation mo na cashew chicken. ma-try nga minsan pag naligaw kami dyan ni wifey :)

lucas said...

wow... mukhang masarap nga! o gutom lang ako? hehehe!

dak said...

miss ko na ang cebu...

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