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Monday, June 23, 2008

"6 Weird Things About Me" - The Mugen Tag

2:13am. Toilet still has a lot of work lined up. But secure network wouldn't cooperate. Connection would be cut off every now and then. Thus, with all the frustrations of the world (and OA, pasan ang buong mundo kung baga), Toilet decided to get therapy... log on to blogspot. And blog he did. And as list of things to blog pile up, Toilet has to first prioritize The Mugen Tag.

1. This game starts with 6 weird things about you.
2. People who got tagged need to write a blog entry of their own 6 weird things.
3. They should state this rule clearly as well.
4. At the end of the list, tag 6 people.
5. Don't forget to inform each newly-tagged person by posting a comment on his own blog.

6 weird things about me. hmmmmm. This was really hard. 'tis because Toilet can think of a hundred and would have to filter the few safe ones to blog about (the third degree gross-icky-yucky weird things would have to be voted out to maintain society's respect). here comes the boring set:

1. Food tripper:
Laing is one of toilet's fave Filipino dish. If he finds one left cold in the ref, he'd grab a block of cheddar cheese, slice it up in a couple of thick square ones, place 'em between a couple of bread slices, whip it up with a generous amount of laing, and voila! You've got a Toilet-Ala-Greenish-Cheesy-Laing Burger. YYYUUUM YUM YUMMMM!

And if the Laing burger would find itself lucky, as all other species of bread (cheese bread, strawberry bread, etc.), Toilet would find the right coffee or milo-coffee to dip in the Laing burger. Double yummy!

2. The path to enlightenment:
During moments of enlightenment, when the spirit of the Toilet goes into trance, whenever he;d find a portal of squared tiles, you'd find him either following the lines making the square, or completely avoiding them, making sure to stay in the blank spaces 9depends really if Toilet would have a line moment or a space moment). Or f he's lucky, he;d get colored tiles and get to step on only one color or else would be bound to eternal damnation in another dimension.

3. The Messed up Geographical Map:
You can tell all of your secrets to the Toilet, even the direction to your house and would not be able to tell it to anyone. 'Coz aside from being a trustworthy person, he'd probably not have remembered how to get back to your place unless it would be at least the third time (unless of course if your house is just right next to the mall).

Photographic memory is such a mess, or at least is misused. So while driving, if you hear him say "Oh i remember where that place is. I'd just have tot urn right to this tree or this poster." So, if the tree happens to get cut off, or the poster gets to be changed, chances are, he'll have to ask for directions again and again.

4. The Spiced up head:
Toilet loves everything spicy. But Toilet cannot eat them in public - on dates, on meetings, on conferences. Reason? his head (yeap just the head part sp. the face) would fire up in gigantic drops of sweat. It never fails. So if you find him eating spicy food in front of you, you're probably a trusted friend... trusted not to make fun of him... or you probably just have a hanky that he saw and would be borrowing in a short while.

5. Semi Exhibitionism:
The title says it all. Toilet has some tendencies to not care at all. If you happen to stay in one room with him, or bunk in with him, he'll probably not care if he'd dress up in front of you. He'd leave you to close your eyes or not while deciding what to wear. After running naked around the campus once (or twice hehe), the hype of being naked in front of someone doesn't come with thunders and butterflies anymore.
Check out his external hard drive, look for a folder named "censored". 'nuf said.

And last... but definitely not the least...

6. Daddy's boy:
After 24 years of tough times, wisened up mind, seemingly calloused heart, the Toilet would still have moments of carebears countdown. The masungit facade would sometimes be replaced with a pacute smirk. In front of relatives, you may still find him on his father's lap (begging him to pack up and go home after a long boring day with relatives). He's one sungit bloke at times, but you'd find the rare sweet side of him whenever he kisses his dad bidding him hello or goodbye.

Well... those were the safe ones... Toilet can have the list running like toilet paper, but would just have to give you a quick run down: (no more explanations) bouger under the table (though he's under tissue training now... location, location, location), Denis the menace with Madrasta, body scent lover (note: body scent, the clean version not the bacterial sticken one), etc. etc. etc. too many to mention...

Toilet is tagging the following:
1. Nurse Rey (The newly grad cum laude nurse)
2. Me-an (Daily Mishaps muy blokemento)
3. Dylan Dyosa (ang kagandahang dyosa)
4. Nash (the wonderboy :)
5. kelangan ba talaga 6? ay naku... basta saka nalang muna nahihiya ako mag tag eh...

13 mga umutot:

~ Dyilyan Dyosa~ said...

that is so sweet and.. weird of you! hahaha!

ex-links sweetie? :)

mwh! mwh! mwh! be safe! :)

Princhecha Fiona said...

2. The path to enlightenment:

oh my gulay! you do this too?! Apir!!! :) ahihihihihi

Levantine said...

Nasubukan mo na bang maglakad sa mga tiles na basag basag na ginawang mosaic?

Exciting siya. Promise.

Toilet Thoughts said...

@Dyilyan: Nalink na po kita. :) OO wierd na kung wierd.

@Fiona: oo. masaya kasi eh

@Levantine: Talaga? hmmm sige ma try nga minsan. hehe mukhang masaya nga.

ann said...

i already did this tag, friend! hehe!! pero mas weird ka pa din. joke!

Toilet Thoughts said...

@Ann: Sige ok lang. hehe. Thanks!

Mas wierd? oo na. haha.

gillboard said...

"you'd find him either following the lines making the square, or completely avoiding them, making sure to stay in the blank spaces"

-gawain ko din yan... may pagka OC ata kapag ganun.

Bryan Anthony the First said...



Toilet Thoughts said...

@Gillboard: oo hehe. kelangan din sa work ko na magpaka OC. hehe.

@Bryan: ingat sa utot. baka me kasama na yang iba. liquid pa. i-immodium mo. hehe.

~ Dyilyan Dyosa~ said...

eeeww. hahaha natawa ko dun sa reply mo ky bryan! :p

BadingAko said...


Too bad #5 had to start with the word "Semi"... can we just scratch that word off? (wink!)

(i wonder when could I steal that mysterious external hard drive...) (wink! again)

Toilet Thoughts said...

@Dyosa: Hehe. totoo naman diba. it happens to us all. :)

@badingako: hehe. pwede rin naman. malay mo, one of these days. mag post ako ng... basta. hehe.

Toilet Thoughts said...

@Dyosa: Hehe. totoo naman diba. it happens to us all. :)

@badingako: hehe. pwede rin naman. malay mo, one of these days. mag post ako ng... basta. hehe.

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