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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bono, Crime Partner's Gift

(From Left: Bono and Zoe)
I apologize for the lack of updates. Been really really busy lately - with social life and with work (panira talaga yang trabaho na yan o!). But i'd like to take this opportunity to thank Crime partner. When she saw that post I made regarding Casper's death (my emo mode and all), she immediately told me to get our asses to Cartimar. She was going to buy me a new dog. And she actually did and even bought one for herself.

The white one is Bono (he looks almost the same as Casper, a mix Labrador and Golden Retriever), the brown one is Zoe (Mix Labrador and Japanese Spitz?).

To you Crime Partner, thanks sooooo much. This is one of those times, amidst our toxic days at work, when I feel really really loved. Thanks dude!

(Bono and Zoe sleeping)

I'll get my update soon. Promise.
@Kuya Joms: I'll post that tag soon within the week, I'm off to Cebu tomorrow again. Lakas ng ulan... brrrrr.
@Carl: hehe. Yellow Cab.

5 mga umutot:

~ Dyilyan Dyosa~ said...

cutie pups! ^^

odin hood said...

cute! alagan mo na mabuti this time ha! hehe

^VinS^ said...

anong breed nila???

Nash said...

ang cute naman

paampoon ng isa


at magkano naman ang bili sa kanila?!


Toilet Thoughts said...

@Dyilyan: yup! sobra! hehe.

@Odin: opo, aalagaan na. I learned the first time.

@Vins: Si Bono, Cross ng Labrador and Golden Retriever (?); sit Zoe, Lab and Jap Spitz

@nash: hehe, di pwede bigay lang sakin to eh. hehe.

nabili namin sa Cartimar ng 2,500 PhP. :)


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