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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Toilet goes black... for the meantime

Lunch time! Therefore, Toilet is on work break. Therefore, Toilet will blog. haha.

And yes, the toilet is now in black (insert Piolo Pascual's Clear Black commercial). Toilet's tile colors can be attributed to a mixture of feelings brought about by career realizations, getting old, new opprtunities, solitude, toxic-dom, and an endless tirade of wanting more in life.

Nope, don't worry, Toilet is in no emo mode. Just needed some time of reflection. Currently, Crime Partner followed suit in Senior's resignation from office. So that leaves Toilet alone in the mercy of Foreigner boss. And it doesn't help that Bochok is on leave and is currently on vacation in Nueva Ecija from previous consoling duty (he was borrowed by crime partner to console her aching butt). Next time Toilet needs to remind himself of professional fees for Bochok. No more free service. You may want to rent Bochok for 500 per night. hehe.

In any case, what do you think? Does black suit the Toilet? Or should blue be returned? Or red?

12 mga umutot:

Mugen said...

Mas maganda ang aesthetics ng bago mong template. Swerte naman si bochok nakapag-out of town. Eheh.

Badingako said...

hmm, I prefer the blue one better. Would love to do your site graphics if you like. just to sharpen my skills after doing workouts at the gym nonstop.

I miss Toilet... :)

Anonymous said...

removing colors in your life doesn't help making it better..hiding in shade makes nothing..

i want to see the vibrant JEFF i knew and not the TOILET you would want to personify..


both figuratively speaking and in sense..

Please bring back the JEFF who does not SELF PITY and believes in himself..the one that is fully empowered not with negativities but with positivities in life and in character..

-if you could guess who am I, a treat would surely be given..36hours will be the limit.ΓΌ

Toilet Thoughts said...

@Kuya Joms: Hehe. unga buti pa si Bochok nakakapag bakasyon. hehe

@Remy: Yup sure. Sige help me out with my template. I can't even make my "recent comment" widget work out. kainis! Unga pala. Di ko gets why you miss toilet?

@Anonymous: I'm trying to guess who you are. I even gave an SMS to a particular person. But just to clear things out:
1. I'm still the same Jeffrey that people know.
2. My self pity has nothing to do with pessimism nor lack of empowerment. I am a creature constantly wanting for more. I clamor for more when I am no longer satisfied. Its a check and balance system I have to keep myself above myself. Continuously growing, and never letting myself go stagnant at one point. Whatever success I have right now can be attributed to my wanting to be better than myself. I compare myself to no one but myself. So technically I'd see myself inferior to who I am supposed to be.
3. Don't get me wrong. It's not that I don't believe in myself. Its more of I believe I can do more of what I am doing right now. I know I can offer more.

Ayyyt??? ayan mas mahaba pa sa post ung naisulat ko. And the Toilet is still me. But more of the creative side of me outside the medical research that I am in. Ok? So miss me not. I am still me. Only wanting to be better each day.

apple :) said...

I say black is the best! Hahaha. As if I've seen the blue or whatever. Haha.

The bottom line of this comment? Thank you for dropping by =)

Tsk. You have been warned but you didn't listen so ayan! hahaha.

Toilet Thoughts said...

@apple: Hiyeee!! Thanks for dropping by too! :)

Ann said...

sino si anonymous? ex mo? chismis..

try mo pink, dude! ;O

wanderingcommuter said...

oo nga tingin ko mas maganda yun ngayon...hehehe. one vote here!

yoshke said...

yep, this one's much better.

red riding odin hood said...

kaya mo pala gusto hiramin si pip ko! hahaha

Normand said...

I like bkack layout.

Ruthi said...

Like it. Classy and elegant. I also like you Avatar... artistahin bah. Ngayon lang ako napasilip ulit. Busy nga ako sa pagpapasexy (as if, may pag-asa pa hehehe) And I was trying to keep my mind from things that happened in the past 3 weeks. I recently lost a baby through miscarriage. It was my first at the age of 43. Am still grieving but I am moving on. Just need sometime.

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