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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Post Mother's Day Entry

Laiya Batangas
Mother's day. Quite a rare occassion for me. Usually I'd just greet aunts and friends who hold the title. Nothing really special as my mom lives far away. Last time I saw my mom was around 17 years ago. I was 7, I think. My parents got separated when I was young and my mom had to fly to the US when I was 3 months old. Communication ended when I was 7. It resumed when I got the guts to gome back to Bauan and give relatives from my mom's side a calling card.
That's just a quick history. Recently, my grandmother went back here to the Philippines and I was the one who picked her up from the airport. And when mother's day came, my lola filled in my mom's shoes. It was at the same time, my tita Liza's birthday (pic on left). We went to La Luz, Laiya Batangas. A really good place to relax. Another recommendation.

Laiya. Its a place in San Juan Batangas, newly developed for tourists. It houses a series of beach resorts. But not all would have a nice beach front. My top five recommendations are (1) La Luz, (2) Aquatico (Site is still not working so I'm borrowing from kayinspired's site), (3) White Cove, (4) Blue Coral and (5) Kabayan beach resorts (Sabangan I think is quite nice though).
And as usual, a beach would have its own henna corner. I got a small dragon, just a tad conservative from my previous a couple of months back. But I can't post my previous henna as it is quite on the PG13 criteria. Click Sinulog Henna at your own risk. hehe. take care!

13 mga umutot:

kayINSPIRED said...

It's cool. Like your blog. Seems interesting.

Mugen said...

Nice henna you've got. Ikaw nag take nung picture sa taas?

red riding odin hood said...

i checked out your sinulog henna... sexy hahaha

alipingbinabahay said...

naks, jepoy bordado ka na ngayon. haha

Toilet Thoughts said...

@kayinspired: Thanks dude!

@kuya Joms: Hehe. not really. di pa nagmamterialize ung inaasam kong SLR.

@Odin: hehe. un lang.

@alipin: ano ung bordado?

Anonymous said...

ayan lumilitaw n nman ang kawalan ng muang sa mundong ginagalawan..bordado is a TV series in channel 7 portrayed by Robin Padilla..

good thing you celebrated mother's day with them...

alipingbinabahay said...

tama si anonymous, hehe. ayan, may 5 pts na si anonymous sa recitation. :p

Anonymous said...

nyahahaha 5 pts lang yun?nyahahaha...ganyan talga kapag di na tumutuntong ang ulirat sa mga bagay bagay na nkapaligid sa mundo nya...hahaha yan na yan si "toilet".bwahahahaha

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