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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hands of Time (Pause muna from blogging)

I apologize for the lack of new post. I've been extremely busy lately. Last 14 of Feb, I watched Dulaang Sibol's Sinta in Ateneo, worked the whole day of Friday, then on the 16th, watched Hamlet then went out till the wee hours of the morning, just for coffee. Today, just went from Batangas to visit some relatives.
So, for now, I leave you first one of my highschool compositions (naalala ko kasi nung nanuod ako ng Hamlet). Be kind people, remember highschool pako nito. hahaha

Hands of Time
For my own pillar, tie I gave my tongue
Did I not utter things, I'd like to say?
A word, with letters - four, when I was young
Shall I regret just acts in everyday?
In thee a lecher, granted did I took
for my rebellion, purport so uncouth
Yet solaced ardor, havened in my nook
But still no words came out for me to soothe
And now thou's bed, a purfling pallid white
The love I'll lose in time, and fears to face
Relive and cherish, things I've done so trite
Have hands not stopped, I'll do the mass of ways
And so if time consents the chance on me
And so must say the love i have for thee
Hands of Time by Jeff Gonzales
Submitted to sir Dids

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