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Sunday, March 2, 2008

Contemplating death

Warning: incoherent thoughts up ahead (and my nose looks big in the pic)

Well, not exactly. more like death for some stuffs, not really mine. I'm just having one of those endless tirade - on the concept of love and hate for work. Opening emails on a weekend gives you that.

Darn, I miss those days when you leave all thoughts of work at work, when after office hours you go home happy, heed to the calls of the sandman and have one hell of a good night sleep. Which reminds me, I have not had one single dream since elementary. Dunno why. Or maybe I just coudn't remember them.
i miss those days when weekends are what they are... the END of the week, when people say "thank God its friday", and when sunday is family day.
My only refuge is my bed and my ever loyal pillow. redefining cuddling. one way street, but still effective. Or sometimes, I'd get "bochok", my chubby liitle car pillow, which reminds me, I need to buy him another pillow case. hopefully I'd get a happier color. kinda like rainbow brite or care bears kind of color. Bochock is currently a mixture of black, and grey. hahahaha!

hmmm, I need to get back to my old self. Got my list of stuffs to blog but couldn't find the emotional stability to write except for my manic rants about life, which are getting more often than prescribed by the shrink. shoot! might find myself giving out blank stares once more. before i've mastered peircing stares, now i'm getting a PhD on blank ones. Oh yeah, I need to plan my enrollment on my MS on Pharmacology or Toxicology in UP next school sem. or of I get a bit more jaded, resign from work and go enroll for a PharmD course and leave all things here in PH for good after a couple of years. Or a faster way, leave in less than a year.

There, now I have this impulse to run away from it all. I'd like to think that I'm no quitter, but there are more things on heaven and earth, horacio, than money and glory (fuck, where'd that came from).
Ok, fine, I need to get back on doing my expense reports, I'm now going bankrupt. hmmmm. what episode is Heroes now??? 10:58pm
List of things to blog about in the next coming days:
1. Larsian food trip in Cebu (what not to miss in Cebu)
2. Spice fusion, Gustavian, etc. (still thinking of which restaurant to write about)
3. Dulaan Sibol's Sinta (long overdue one, so might as well combine this entry with Hamlet post)
4. Orosma and Zafira (UP play which i watched with really cool bloggers)

Darn, thought this post got erased, got DCed then this debugger pop up came out. Clicked cancel and all windows closed. Shhhhhooot. This is a sign from down below. I have to end this now. Ciao! Zaijian! Baozhong! Paalam! have a great week ahead!!!! (Oh feel my sarcasm... feel it you darn freaks!!!!!)

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