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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Half Rice

Blog muna, pero pwamis magwork ako later. Pero since I'm now again in Cebu for an effin week, foodtrip is again a sinful feat that I, unfortunately, cannot escape.

I ordered a Sanduo (Rice and Two Chicken Sunburst meal) this lunch. For the past few weeks, I've been limiting my rice to a half serving, owing to the (positive?) exponential (ed?) growth of my weight.

As what have already been customary, I'd take half of my rice to the corners of my plate (bilog nga pala plate), to mark it as off limits. But just this time, my officemate Nat turned on her mother tone and told me "Ano yan? kainin mpo yan, me crisis tayo".

"Krisis? (hindi po ako nakakabasa ng balita) Anong krisis?"

Nat and Jam, "Rice krisis"

At kinain ko tuloy ang buong serving ng kanin. Bow. Plus half dome shaped ice cream cake. patay na.

2 mga umutot:

jm said...

its okay! u dont look fat! 2nd, just moderate ur food intake esp fat and carbo!

keep it up dude!

elayas said...

kanin...kanin...bigas...bigas...ahehehe krisis na nga!

ahehehe salamat po sa pagdaan!


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