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Friday, March 7, 2008

Sign Language Blooper

There are times when I get assigned to interpret church songs into sign language. 6 songs mostly. 3 fast ones and 3 slow ones.

I got the text message the night before, for 5 songs, one song missing. I've looked into the lyrics in my data base and found that I've interpreted most songs before, so no biggie. One missing song won't be much of a big deal. I'd easily get the hang of it (the unknown song) before the 1st stanza ends.

But just for this particular church service, THE unknown song turns out to be a song in Visayan, or at least some dialect that I cannot comprehend. So, what to do, what to do... I wanted the earth to swallow me right on that very spot that I was standing. I was looking for fellow interpreters if anyone understands the dialect but it seems like everyone is at lost too.

What to do? Just stay cute. haaay. Can anyone translate this one?

10 mga umutot:

wanderingcommuter said...


i was really laughing my guts out reading this one.

nice post!

hahahaha (see i am still laughing)

Jepoy said...

hahha. I never really thought this post funny, but well, yeah thanks! hahaha.

Thanks for droppin' by!

alipingbinabahay said...

haha, para ka lang nagsasayaw sa harap. mukha namang alam mo yung ginagawa mo, hehe.

btw, i tagged you, hehe.


tenks :p

Jepoy said...

Mukha lang. Grace underpressure ika nga. Pero pawis na kili kili ko nun.

After ng song, me nagsabi sakin, wag masyado gayahin yung mga ibang nagsign sa harap kasi di din nila alam ginagawa nila. 70% ata ng words di tumugma. hahaha!

Sige gawin ko ung tag later. hehe thanks!

joyce said...

whoohoo. good job! it didn't turn out sa video as bad as you have described in your post. keri lang 'yan. :D

dak said...

Ei, this was in Day by Day Ministries right? Do you got there regularly?

dak said...


Jepoy said...

yes dak, I go there regularly. see there sometime! hehe. :)

Jepoy said...

*see you there sometime! :)

talksmart said...

You pulled it off -- perfectly :-)

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