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Thursday, February 7, 2008

When your foreigner boss calls...

"Nandito na si Chito si Chito Miranda, Nandito na si Kiko, si Francis Magalona, Nandito na si Gloc9 *uhm hello hello*, wala syang apelyidoooohh..."

I used to like this song, up until I made it my ring-tone/ song for my corporate phone for almost a month. Everytime I'd hear it, I'll get palpitations stronger than what caffeine could give me. Don't get me wrong, calls from bosses are highly welcome but there are just some who gives you the urgency to grab all of your notes just in case a pop quiz occurs.

I've changed ring tones at least 5 times already for the past month. I've now settled for Michael Buble's You and I. The slow intro would set my mood to "relax", the start of the lyrics to "get ready", and when Michael reaches "on earth together..." a very mispalced cheerful "hi! Good morning!" to start the very exhausting call.

Then they'd always start with...

"Hi Jeff, can you talk?" Hmmmm. I did say "hello" didn't I?

"Yes sure!" As if I have a choice.

"Can you... is this... what happened to... what will you do... what are your plans... this shouldn't be... change this... this is unacceptable!" Hmmmm classic!

And usually, the whole conversation would be limited to you solely saying "yes", "sure thing", "no problem", "ok", "give me thirty minutes", and a cherry on top "Thank you, bye!."

And suddenly, you'd space out for 30 seconds. Blank stare. Then snap! you stand and start your day with a manic depressive mixed smile, smug, frown and laughter plastered on your face.

That's pretty much how my everyday life is. boring stuff really...

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Anino said...

Being in a one-way conversation is so horrible. Worse? If the boss is Australian.

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I'll return the favour if ever you get nominated as well.



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