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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Head bangerz on the wall

No matter how I ignore these bouts of depression, I just can't. I've always thought that everyone goes through this phase about work. When one would, at one point, want to run out of the office and let out a long incoherent yell... Or shout at a mountain top ala tarzan.

Just a quick background, when I got this post at work, the person I replaced was once found hitting her head on a bathroom wall. Emotional breakdown. I strongly feel that its not all work but a pile of unfortunate events that eventually led her to a breakdown. She's ok now btw, but eversince, the office would be watchful of us (three researchers) like vultures awaiting for death to arrive at their prospected food.

In any case, just to prove my point, here's one of my officemate's conversation trough YM when she was out on field and I was in the office alone and we were both feeling depressed:

Ann: jepoy kamusta diyan sa office????
jm go: tahimik
jm go: parang me nagbabadyang unos
jm go: sa karimlan
jm go: masamang pangitain ang aking nakikita
jm go: isang malagim na kinabukasan
jm go: isang ulong dadapo s pader... dug. dug. dug. dug.
jm go: aray. aray. aray. aray.
Ann: hehe...anung ulong????
jm go: ulo (head)
Ann: translate ang lalaim naman ng tagalog mo???

jm go: in english...
jm go: silence...
jm go: as if there's havoc coming in...
jm go: in the dark horizon,...
jm go: a very bleak future...
jm go: someone's head touching a wall... dug.. dug.dug.dug.
jm go: ouch. ouch. ouch. ouch.
Ann: ah ok much clear now!....
jm go: coño!
jm go: sige eto...
Ann: i think i really gonna like you!
Ann: haha
jm go: oh gosh.. tahimik!!!
jm go: as if kinda like stormy coming shocks!
jm go: sa very very dark future of me...
jm go: oh fudge! my bangs on the wall... blogash. blog. blog.. blog.
jm go: arawch. arawch. arawch.
Ann: you really make me laugh in my worst time...
jm go: Or gusto mo badingerzie na terms...
jm go: silencioness.... in fairness...
Ann: cge cge.
jm go: silencioness.... in fairness...
jm go: machurvang demonico na dumatech sa itech!
jm go: kalurkey! parang swarm of holocaust na tetenga sa shockingeng putek!
jm go: Ay puke!! my headbangerz lalapats sa wallzzz... shunga. shunga. shunga.
jm go: saketch. saketch. saketch.
Ann: anu ba yan jepoy mas hindi ko naintindihan.
jm go: hahaha
Anne: kulit grabe..bkit ka hyper...oist baka naguuntog ka na ha...
jm go: oo nangayari na ang kinatatakutan natin
jm go: blogash. blog. blog. blog!!!!
Ann: hehe..totoo nga...????

Ann: wawa ka naman..ako next in line na...
jm go: sige pila ka lang... madami pang pader... more for everyone
Ann: haha...

But no worries no wall was harmed during these exercise. Hopefully not in the near future.

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rodel said...

uy.... link kita pag ok na website ko.. thnx... dont erase my link.. ha... thnx...

Carla said...

Keep up the good work.

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