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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


It doesn't really matter whether

your glass is half full

or is half empty.

What you can do is empty its contents

For you to fill it with something new.

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5 mga umutot:

red the mod said...

Profound ang drama! Achieve!

Rence said...

tama! sobrang cliche na yan half-half na yan. kailangan ngayon, be creative

odin hood said...

wag kalimutan hugasan ang baso

Anonymous said...

ang lalim..

Sabi nga ni Jackie Chan sa movie na "The Forbidden Kingdom".. How can you fill your cup, if it's already full? How can you learn Kung Fu, if you've already learned so much? Empty your cup."

Wololong.. haha! feel ko magshare eh, ano ba? :D

Hugs for Jeff!! Hugs for Yvette! :)

ahmer said...

super like, apir! happy new year!


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