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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Road rage to principles

I’ve always told myself that one can never turn a wrong thing right by doing another wrong.

But I never really got around to perfecting this principle.

Just like a couple of times when I got caught (unknowingly) disobeying traffic rules while driving with Ewik (I think I see a pattern here, there’s a B.I. in culprit).

In all those times, I could’ve just let the officer confiscate my license and gone through all those seminars and all those shenanigans just to get my license back. I could’ve wasted a lot of my time, but saved myself from the guilt.

Sometimes I ask, why do I even find myself in such situations? Do I run from them “buwayas” or do I pay them? Or do I just owe up to my mistake and endure all the trouble. I just hope this does not mark me as someone without values (baka mahusgahan na buong pagkatao ko, lol).

Oh shoot.

It sucks to be me.

3 mga umutot:

Jepoy said...

una sa lahat nakaka nose bleed ang shenanigans sorry naman weak lang ako sa vocabs hihihi

Pangalawa ang sasyal nag dra-drive ng sariling tsikots pwede ba maki hitch one time?! Sorry naman hapas lupa lang me hihihi

Toilet Thoughts said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Toilet Thoughts said...

@Jepoy: hahaa! sorry naman!!!!

At anong pinagsasabi mo? hampas lupa lang po din ako. haha!

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