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Friday, May 7, 2010

Vote for Aurie and Bset!!!!!

Dear friends,

Minsan lang ako humingi ng favor... I'm asking... no... telling... uhhmm... COMMANDING ya'll to vote aurie and bset in the Happy Soles will Travel To Brazil Contest by Havianas. Click on this link to see the video and vote:

Or watch below:

Kindly share in your blog... THANKS!!!! THANKS!!!!

Also... click on www.imagipod.blogspot.com ... basta.

Aryt? Aryt!!!!!

P.H. (pahabol kwento): hindi po ako kasama sa Brazil kung sakali, so wag nyong isipin na may hidden agenda ako dito. Back story lang, the video was made with a theme of how to make someone happy if anything is possible. The concept given by Aurie was reliving your childhood memories. You'd find the video simple, yet it hits home. Watch the video to see.

Thanks a bunch!

3 mga umutot:

Carabrant said...

Carabrant likes this. [insert thumbs-up picture here]

Lloyd said...

salamat sa pag plug!!!!! ^^

you can also vote once a day till the 15th of May. =)

if any of you have problems registering,(they have a bit of a crappy server)

try this link:


Anonymous said...

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