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Saturday, May 8, 2010

BOBOto ako!

Boboto ako!
How ironic that the first four letters would mean "stupid" in the local vernacular. Though I really wouldn't be able to go into my country's defense if such a term be branded to us. History can be such a jeering evidence to our misguided decision making... as to whom to give captainship to our sinking boat.
But I'll reserve that topic to my pol-sci/ anthro/ journ blogger friends. Discussing politics is such a tedious task for me.
But now, I would just like put focus on my own town... down south Manila, the city of Paranaque.
Almost a couple of decades back when I transferred from a private school to the local science high school, our campus was situated along with the local municipal school. Books then were on a 1:5 ratio for the usual students, 1:1 for the DOST and the ParSci ones. That was when the actor-turned politician was still Mayor. Walis tingting scandals and some corruption rumors after, my town was then ran by a seemingly nice politician. You'll see much "city beautification" and unecessary stop lights (that a month after ceased working) in the city. During college, I was getting a 10K sem-scholarship that stopped when I got a 2.0 grade in UP. Years later I was told my name was still in the roster, but whoever gets my 10K stipend... was definitely not me.
Almost two decades after HS, I went back to inquire for my brother's enrollment.
Nothing changed. Or morelikely, things must've gotten worse.
So please... Paranaque, no more of the actor turned politician. No more of those excessive spending ones. magisip na tayo pls.

2 mga umutot:

Lord CM said...

Pulitika nga naman, oo...

Jepoy said...

Ikaw na taga UP ikaw na!!! (hindi connected sa post mo)

Si Joey Marquez ba ang tinutukoy mo? Sorry taga Norte lang walang alam sa Down South (Susyal talaga du-madown South pa)

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