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Monday, May 3, 2010

Size doesn’t matter

You think a grain of rice is too small? Tell that to an ant.
You think your pillow is too big? Say that to an elephant.

There is no definite big or small. They become only as such, relative to your OWN perception. Just like a story told in the Bible, where an old woman dropped coins as an offering, where others dropped pieces of gold. For most the ones given by the old woman was all too cheap, but it could have been all the treasure she had.

Thus, if a friend comes to you crying over a lost pen, do not brush it all off as something petty. For all you know, the pen could’ve meant the world to him.

Nothing is too small or too big to matter in this world.

Nothing is too important or too trivial as to be ignored.

Look closely.

Big things may come in small packages.


This is my POInt of view on sizes. New template to come soon… Toilet thoughts up for another upgrade! Weeeeee!

2 mga umutot:

Yj said...

Big things may come in small packages.

ohhhh i know!!!! hahahahaha

Toilet Thoughts said...

Iba ka YJ, iba ka! hahaha


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