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Friday, June 11, 2010

You think you cannot dance

Life is like a graceful dance
You glide, you jump, you twirl, you prance
to the beat of your choice
to a song of your own voice

You fall, you trip, once or twice
but on your own you shall rise
Your pride is yours, for you are still you
unbroken, and still quite new

But along the way you loose an arm,
along the way you loose your charm
Along the way you loose your foot
And the music starts to mute

But a voice tells you to rise
One foot He says shall suffice
For He will be there, dancing with you
lifting an arm, to makes yours two

For at the start, you were never truly alone
You had a dance partner, one you call your own.

*post dedicated to those who think they could not dance life away anymore. Life is good. God is good. He sends out little angels (you may call friends) to let you know that you are cared for. Who will dance life's dance with you. Hand in hand. Song per song. Beat per beat. Cheer up.

*please do watch the video as well.

P.S. I'm really in a bad need of a bad ass template. And a toilet banner. Imma make pilit my best bud to do a toy photoshoot for my toilet banner. hmmmm paging bset... pwease! or... any volunteer? hehe. I'm so not techie kasi. lol

6 mga umutot:

Jepoy said...

Very inspiring poem and video later part ko nalang na realize na walang palang isang arms yung girl... Amazing! When we are weak God made us strong.. Indeed God is so Good.

Nice post...

Anonymous said...

ako.. kelan mo gagawan ng post na.. you think you cannot sing? huhuhuh

Toilet Thoughts said...

@Jepoy: glad the post served its purpose. God is good. :) naks ang seryoso ng comment natin ngayon a!

@Kuya D: uhmmm, it's not that you think you can sing... dude, you really CANNOT sing. lol. pero in fairness feeling ko nag enroll ka these days sa Center of Pop. I swear, pwede na tayo mag public videoke na hindi ako mahihiya. LOL

Lord CM said...

dapat pala pinagsama natin ung latest blog entry ko saka ung entry mo na to :D

wanderingcommuter said...

ako??? wala, im just perfect! nyahahaha!

dabo (or david) said...

at may ganun hahha


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