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Monday, November 15, 2010

Top dish

I was not a fan of Korean food, but there’s something about top dish that makes me come back often. Maybe because I never really enjoyed Korean dishes served in posh restaurants. I liked it better in a cozy place that seemed only like a family ran carinderia.
Top dish is situated in somewhat Makati’s version of a red light district. It’s weirdly placed next to a massage parlor, almost inconspicuous if not for the continuous inflow and outflow of Koreans and locals in its shop.

One thing I’ve noticed is the free appetizer set served at start, which by most of us Filipinos would already consider as main course, ang dami kasi. I think most Korean restaurants would have the same set of free flowing appetizers, a selection of sweet spicy dilis, kimchi, etc.

For the entrĂ©e, each dish is a must try, and if you’re a bit adventurous, you may want to try their silk worm preserved in a tin can (de latang silk worm kung baga, though I think appetizer sya haha ang ironic lang).

Top dish is located at:

4890 Durban Corner P. Burgos Street
Makati Metro Manila Philippines
Tel no: +63(2)7581122

8 mga umutot:

eMPi said...


gusto ko itry yan. :)

Toilet Thoughts said...

@marco: haha. ok sya for a korean experience. sama mo si mommy yanah. tara!

Mu[g]en said...

Yaaaay! Meron na akong idea where to bring a date. Thanks Poi!

Toilet Thoughts said...

@Kuya J: carinderia type sya na korean ang nagpapatakbo ha. baka sosyal si date.

if somewhere makati, tapos medyo pang dessert, bring your date to ChocoFire near ayala-Rufino/valero?

haha give me a location, bigyan kita ng mga recommended places. LOL

Toilet Thoughts said...

teka teka, ngayon lang nag sink in, ang kuya ko dumedate! yahoooo! haha!

bulakbolero.sg said...

ayoko na ng kimchi...

wanderingcommuter said...

i miss... pagbalik ko! cmon lets go!

Toilet Thoughts said...

@bulakbolero: edi wag! LOL

@ewik: tara lets!


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