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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pa speaks up for controversial Mai

(source) From Mai's dad:

PLEASE ALLOW me to respond to the many criticisms directed at Mai Mislang.

Yes, I do not deny she made a huge blooper regarding the wine served, Vietnamese gentlemen and the traffic situation in Vietnam. It was a private comment with some members of the delegation. It was not the intention to have the comment blown all over, as what happened. The mistake was she posted her comments via Twitter. She should have known better.

As a parent, I am concerned more with the negative comments it generated, both from media personalities and private bloggers. What pained me was the comment that she was raised wrongly by us, her parents. Before saying this, they should have checked first. Isn’t that the practice in media?

We have three children, a son and two daughters, and are staying in a middle-class village in Quezon City. They grew up properly in a quiet neighborhood, studied in Catholic schools for their primary and secondary education, and college at UP. Mai and her sister are members of the local parish choir that sings during Mass. In UP, she was a member of ICTUS, a religious organization in the campus parish church. She finished her course in tourism with honors.

Mai worked with a five-star hotel in Makati in its communications department. Then she moved over to government at DSWD, with Secretary Corazon Soliman and Secretary Esperanza Cabral for bosses. From there, she joined Sen. Benigno Aquino’s staff in the Senate, and then MalacaƱang when P-Noy won the presidency. She was a hardworking assistant coming home late nights such that even on weekends, she was out there and had to forsake our weekly family dinners. She also does philanthropy, helping an elementary school in Marikina one way or another. One time, I helped her put in the car some computers to be given away to a school. She also has a band where some evenings the members sing in a bar for the sheer joy of it, not for the money. I would say, despite her busy schedule, Mai appears to enjoy life.

It’s just too bad some members of media, broadcast and print, were too harsh on her. They made it appear that she was a spoiled brat, snooty, lacking in manners, and pointed to us parents as responsible for her lack of breeding. I vehemently deny it. We raised our children the right way. This can be checked with our neighbors; otherwise, they are not what they are today, all professionals!

Who among the media persons can say they never committed a mistake in their line of work, and if they indeed did, were never given a second chance to make up for the wrong? The same can be applied to Mai, can’t it be? Mai committed a mistake and it was all over the place, and everybody comes asking for her head!

Mai has apologized for her faux pas. And the Vietnam government was not affected, saying it was a small matter. So who are we to continue condemning her? Even in law, first offenses are normally forgiven and a second chance is given the offender.

Mai and her siblings are our heroes, no doubt about it. And our trust and love for her never waned a bit.

—ED MISLANG,edmislang2001@yahoo.com

10 mga umutot:

Carabrant said...

Ang malas niya dahil kumalat yung tweet niya. Hahaha! Sinundan niya ang mga yapak ni Jackie Bermejo.

mel beckham said...

ayan nadamay na tuloy si fadir sa kagagahan ng anak niyang luka-luka. hahaha

Philwebservices said...

keep on posting...

Toilet Thoughts said...

hmmm we all make mistakes, though for some, one mistake gets highlighted, blown into proportions, depending on who we are in the society. Mai apologized already. So un.

Reason why I'm posting this is because Mai's sister is a college mate, former workmate and a friend.

@Pads: sino yun? :P

@Mel: :)

@Philweb: :P

Darc Diarist said...

methinks that his father defending mai with this open letter makes it appear as if his daughter can't prop herself up by herself. again, spoiled brat much? and all these talk about church groups and all doesn't really discount the fact that what she did was wanting of manners. church involvement = good manners? catholic upbringing = good manners? good education = edukadong tao?

taking a cue from f sionil jose, in the sea of hardworking people you know, how many would have the gall to be so arrogant and ill-mannered?

with a heavy sigh, yes she did apologize. we are a forgiving nation after all. a tad too forgiving.

rudeboy said...

While it is admirable for a father to defend his daughter, in the larger context of Mislang's indiscretion and lapse of good judgement, this missive will merely add more fuel to a fire that was already well on its way out.

At this rate, I wonder if Mai's father will issue press releases as well if his daughter gets embroiled in something a little graver than a dismissive wine review?

I know she's the President's speechwriter. I only hope she's not his spin doctor, as well, because at this rate, she won't be able to press release us out of a paper bag, much less a genuine diplomatic row.

dabo said...

hmmmm... but she is a speechwriter for the President.

We don't question her capability as a daughter or as a sister, but as a member of a government that is duty bound to us.

Toilet Thoughts said...

Di ko na kayang sumagot sa comments. haha. It's hard when you've got friends involved. haha.wapak!

Dorm Boy said...

The damage has been done. Apologies are made. So let's forget about it. Makakalimutan din eto ng madlang tao... The issue will die a natural death.

Dorm Boy said...

The damage has been done. Apologies are made. So let's forget about it. Makakalimutan din eto ng madlang tao... The issue will die a natural death.

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