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Monday, August 9, 2010

"Happy to Serve"

The sharing of happiness was translated into different languages, different words, and different gestures. Some hide in simple words such as Hi and Hello. And at times they become a valuable tool for motivation.

For those who know me personally, would notice that I’d sometimes engage in short 15-second conversation with toll gate tellers. I got that from my dad, who’s technically my older tweetums version. I started noticing it with the traffic aid assigned to our school when I was still in 4th grade. From then on, I noticed he’d do the same with cashiers, toll gate tellers and the like. He’d utter a simple greeting (and maybe throw in some pambobola here and there).

Last Saturday morning while seated at the passenger’s side, and me on the wheel…

[SLEX toll gate]
Dad: Good morning! (while leaning over my side to grin at the unsuspecting teller.
Female teller [FT]: *looks at dad and gives out the most nonchalant poker face she could possibly muster*
Dad: *repeats loudly* Good Morning!
FT: *looks at me and gives me my change and went to stare at the next car*
Me: (thinking) she must be
going through something, tough times.
Dad: Ngudngod agad! Kaw naman, ok na ung sa atin naggaling ung mabuting asal, di namn kelangan mag expect ng kapalit.
Stepmom: Kahit na GMRC un!
Dad: Oo nga, at least ginawa mo na ung part mo, move on (naks si daddy munu-move on).

Indeed, one needs not expect something in return for simple good naturedness and small courtesy/ies.

If it is reciprocated, then it becomes a beautiful exchange of goodness. But the purpose should always try to become a blessing to another. Receiving/ reciprocation only becomes a bonus feat, not a requirement.

Last weekend, my dad once again reminded me to reciprocate, if not be the first source of goodness, starting with the usual “good mornings” that I’ve ignored. How many of you have greeted back or at least reacted to everyday greetings?

“Good morning! See you at the next flight!” - flight attendant 9i noticed foreigners are the only one acknowledging back)
“Thank you for coming!” – McDo crew
“Thank you for coming mam-ser!” – SM sekyu guard
“Windshield ser?... thank you ser! Balik po kayo!” – Petron attendant
“Good morning sir!” – building security guard… with a stick

I scored 3 out of 5. How about you?

Sometimes such greetings become automatic and have lost their meaning. Some establishments have tried going out of the box and making some greetings more fun.

Have you tried mimicking SM supermarket crew members whenever the signal bell gets played?

ding ding ding!

*clap* *clap* *clap* “Happy to serve!” *thumbs up sign*

Customer service is more fun when you have fun customers. Try being those fun ones.

*clap* *clap* *clap* “Happy to serve!” *thumbs up sign*

*wink* *wink*

7 mga umutot:

NoBenta said...

i always keep it a habit to greet people especially in the morning.

btw, nice simple new look for your house. blogenroll \m/

khantotantra said...

super nice naman ng dad mo.

:D usually nag-iismile nalang ako,, nahihiya ako magsalita eh :D

Toilet Thoughts said...

@Benta: haha, binalik ko lang ung old template. :P
Yeah, morning should be started with a positive greeting. yebah!

@K: parehas tayo , mahiyain misnan. :P

Miggy! said...

yeah spread the goodness and good vibes everyday. spread the smile and let the world be a happy day today!

jonathan said...

In many instances, the locals tend to say "GM" only to the whites. I gave up saying it to the locals. I was reminded that I couldn't change them, I need to change myself so I stopped greeting them too. Very bad me! :)

iurico said...

so true. Sometimes, greeting someone back tends to be automatic without really thinking how to say it like you mean it.

Thanks for reminding me. I appreciate this.

Toilet Thoughts said...

@miggy: miggy as in mikmik? kaw ba yan?

@Phi Jon: yeah bad ka. ei, twas nice seeing you again. kita kita sa thailand. i'll try to book a flight for vacation I'll wreak havock. wahaha lol

@iurico: yeah, and I guess it doesn't really require na nasa customer service industry ka. everyone needs to get some lovin' back. thanks for droppin by. :)


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