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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Looking for Durian in Davao?

D’ Farmers Market

Pryce Road F. Torres St. Davao City
Telefax: (+63 82) 225 4861

Looking for Durian to bring along to the airport? What if it’s not in its season?

Better look for Farmers Market. There you’ll find a wide variety of durian. You want the whole fruit? They have it. You want ‘em opened and packed? They got it all packed and airport friendly for you.

Worried about the smell? They have them frozen and placed in a plastic container (those microwaveable dish pans). Freezing the durian keeps the smell at a minimum. They’ll place it in a styro box to keep it cold and seal it with a tape to keep the odour out.

How to get there?

Tell your cab driver, you’re going to Farmers Market to buy Durian. Along Torres St., passing by the convention center, turn left to Pryce road and you’ll find Farmers almost in front of Landco.

Price range?

The D101 is the type I like. It’s sweeter and creamier than most variety. It’s priced around 120-150 a kilo (just the fruit without the tough exterior).

The native one is the strongest in smell and taste. If you’re a die hard fan of durian, you’ll probably love the bitter sweet taste of this durian variety. Its priced at around 180 per kilo.

The small styro box costs around 50 pesos. The big one, just slightly higher (60-70 pesos).

Other varieties are priced at 120-180 per kilo. The native one is the most expensive.

If you want durian Jam, it’s priced at 60 pesos per small container.

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Mabuhay Toileters!

13 mga umutot:

odin hood said...

hmmmm baho! umutot ka no?

lucas said...

nakakamiss ang farmer's market. madalas ako dyan dati. i used to reside there in QC... SA QC NGA BA YAN? hehe!

isipipis said...

hmmm, yummy!


Toilet Thoughts said...

@Odin: at least naliligo ako araw araw, di katulad nung isa dyan, friday pa last na ligo, gabi ng sunday naligo. hehe

@Lucas: ang kulet!!!! sa davao po. sa davao!

@Carl: yummy? ako? este ung durian? syempre naman! hehe.


jamie da vinci! said...

i LOVE!!!!!!

was there last year to attend a friend's wedding and i made clear that i wanted to buy durian. however, according to my friend whose family practically OWNs davao, better just buy it in manila. less hassle, less trouble of lugging about the forbidden fruit and suffer the ire of people who can't seem to see past it's smell and enjoy it's lusciousness!!!!

OMG, bwisit na post ito.. i'm craving na!

Toilet Thoughts said...

hehe. yummmmmmm! sige next time dadalhan kita. :)

Remcyl said...


I love how you showed your support to Philippine Tourism. Very well done! Another badge on your suit there Jeffy!

wanderingcommuter said...

hindi pa ako nakakatikim ng durian sa tanang buhay ko... hahaha! pathetic, i know!!!



Toilet Thoughts said...

@Rem: thanks!

@Ewwik: Kahit candy? talaga? sure ka???

JP aka handyman said...

you really love davao, ha? hehehe.. been there for my annual vacation.. i really missed home. y' know what, you can actually find a lot stores there selling durian even off-season.. ehem, like ours, hehe.. but we only sell fresh... anyway, the new look is cool!

Toilet Thoughts said...

@JP: hehe, I love all of Philippines.

I'm not really advertising stores, but mainly to give readers and google-ers a choice on where to go, and I can only give those that I know of.

So, I can also add your store to my list of stores recommended for easy find (they might even get a discount, hehe). Give me your store details, and I'll add em up.

Mabuhay and take care!

istepf said...

haha.. natawa ko, ang kulit ni lucas (ron),, davao nga nman! hehe..=) davao!☺

Toilet Thoughts said...

@istepf: hay, davao nga daw kasi eh. haha

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