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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Golden Cowrie, Cebu

Define Filipino in tummy language. I’d say Golden cowrie.
Golden Cowrie, Native Restaurant
Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu or Lower Ground Floor, SM City Cebu, North Reclamation Are, Cebu City
Contact details: @ Lahug: (+6332) 233 4243; +63917 627 2551; @ SM: (+6332) 231 8530; +63917 627 2553
Cuisine: Definitely Filipino with a twist of Cebu, Bicol, Batangas and a whole lot more…
Food rate: Definitely 9 out of 10 if you’re a big fan of Filipino Food

Ambiance: Wood. You’d never go wrong with wood. Plus the place is surrounded with paintings for sale. No need for too much d├ęcor. But you’d definitely feel the Pinoy style in the place. Upon ordering, they’d give you your plate… a flat rectangular piece of capiz curved upward on two ends, laden with slightly heated banana leaf. One of a kind. Definitely sets the mood for much eating. But if you’re a person who drowns his rice in soup, better use the soup bowl, the capiz plate is just too flat to hold any liquid around.

Service: Everything is almost perfect. Except for the slow paced service. Though at least food usually comes at one go and not in staggered portions. Waiting for your bill may take a while. Never fails. So I suggest you come here with a friend to chat with.

Cost: What’s that word in tagalong? “Sulit.” Again I say “Sulit” (Worth every penny). The price is not just reasonable, its cheap. And the taste? Yuummm yuum yum!

Some Recommendations: If you’re into adding spice into your life? I’d recommend Chicken Halang haling, Bicol express. You can never go wrong with the classics, baked mussels/ clams, kangkong, crispy pata, and of course the sinigangs. The langka (jackfruit in coconut milk) and the laing is also a top choice for the veggies.

Overall Assessment: If you’re less adventurous in the small restaurants around cebu, this is definitely the place to go.

Note: My external harddrive died. So still have 20 restaurant reviews but I have zero pictures (yeah, it sucks really. It took me 3 years to collect those pictures). So for now, I would like to thank the following links for letting me borrow some of their uploaded pics:

6 mga umutot:

odin hood said...

how does a harddrive die?

scary naman dapat mag-back-up na talaga ako ng files...

Toilet Thoughts said...

Hay. I was trying to open it one time, a prompt kept saying "Files corrupted, cannot read" or something like that.

I asked an IT to retrieve some of my precious files. He was able to retrieve the icons and file names but you still wouldn't be able to open 'em.

How I wished I could've even archived some on CD. Hay.

JP aka handyman said...

been to golden cowrie plenty of times, still can't get enough with it.. whenever im in cebu, i always dine on the first and last day of my visit! hehehe... nice poy! keep it coming!

lucas said...

never been there...pero mukahang maganda dyan ah? nagutom tuloy ako bigla..hehe!

Mugen said...

Nagutom ako bigla Poi. Matanong ko lang, sponsored entries na ba yan o trip mo lang? Ehehehe.

Toilet Thoughts said...

@JP: Yup, one of my faves too. hehe.

@Lucas: If you happen to tour or be in Cebu, do try Golden Cowrie amongst other food stop overs. :)

@Joms: Haha. wish ko lang me sponsor. Wala, trip trip lang. hehe. Sayang at nabura lahat ng pics ko.


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