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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Link Please!

Me: Wow! I'll start the new template of my blog...
Me in the Mirror: Good! But don't forget to...
Me: There! Clicked and saved!
Me in the Mirror: don't forget to save your widgets... *sigh*
Me: I thought I did that already?
Me in the Mirror: No, you didn't.
Me: Waaaaaaaa!!!!
Me in the Mirror: I told you so!
*me facing the mirror*
Me: you stupid reflection! You should've warned me!
Me in the Mirror: I did. or at least I tried.
Me: f%$#@!

Ok ok. Point taken. I hate all these html stuff. And they hate me as well.

So forgive me, but can you all post your links in this entry by commenting?

I just need to update my links and stuff.


Thanks a bunch!

(At least now I have a three column blog. hehe, but I can't seem to get my banner pasted on top. hmmm...)

7 mga umutot:

lucas said...

hanep..under construction ka pala ngayon :) hehe

madalas kong gawin yan...talking to myself infront of a mirror...hehe! basta wala lang makakita oks na oks yan. therapeutic.hehe.

happy new year!


jamie da vinci! said...

me and my three other personalities also nod to having shared similar experiences.

hapi nu yir jepoy!


Anonymous said...


my dream 3 column blog

thanks for the text message parekoy, happy new year uli



Mina said...

jepoy, happy new year!

ang swerte mo talaga. lol.

Toilet Thoughts said...

@Lucas: hehe. oo. either out of vanity ang pagtingin sa salamin or tamang me sira lang ang ulo. hehe.

@jami: hi to all of your three other personalities!

hapi nyu yir! hehe

@carl: napaisip ako kung if will cost you much, pinas ka naba? or roaming ka? hehe

@Mina: mana ako sayo. oist! wala ka nung party!

wanderingcommuter said...

the last time i changed my blog, i completely ruined it. it actually took me another blogger's help just to fix it. kaya ako pag aaralan ko muna ang html bago ako magbabago.

anyhow, hampey new year.


Dyilyan O. said...

grats jepoy! :)
im gonna have to update my links
happy happy new year!


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