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Thursday, December 18, 2008


I received very bad news the other day (which I'll save for a later post). But amidst the sadness I'm currently feeling, yesterday by far became my best day. I've got a very early Christmas gift from kuya Joms. He looked like Santa Claus with all the gifts in his bag. hehe.
I remember expressing such delight at the "item" which I think prompted him to give it as a gift (and of course with me outrightly, kapal face-y and deliberately asking for that "item" when I saw it in his blog. hehe. you just made my day kuya Joms. I'm currently the happiest kid alive.
Below is the video of me opening the gift. I looked like an excited terrorist kid (pardon the bad attempt for a beard/ two-day-old-mustache). And I look red 'cause of the red Seatles Best lighting in Greenbelt. (Darn, I look uugggly here)

I can't seem to embed the video from Youtube. kindly just follow the link. haaaay. I surrender! I'm done with trying to techie savvy, I'm no techie. F*@#@!#.


Note: I'm just trying to test some stuffs with vlogging a bit. Expect to see more of these when I'm done with the new "Toilet Thoughts" design. Your constructive comments would be greatly appreciated. I haven't perfected the end credits yet. hehe.

6 mga umutot:

Mugen said...

I'm glad you enjoyed it Poi. Hehehe.

wanderingcommuter said...

hhmmmm... so kuya joms is running like santa this past days. binigyan naman niya ako ng mga fishes. hehehe.

kcatwoman said...

cute gift. what's the story behind the offline sign?

odin hood said...


and di mo pa rin naaalis ung read more, and di pa rin ako nadadala kasi palagi ko pa rin napipindot ung read more hehe

Toilet Thoughts said...

@Joms: Yup. Liked it very much. Thanks thanks!

@Ewik: haha. oo. at sobrang nagmamadali pa. Fish? Totoong fish? Pang pet?

Toilet Thoughts said...

@kcatwoman: hehe. kasi naipost nya yang "off;line" sign na yan sa blog nya. "hiningi" nya sa isan atm kiosk sa isang bank. Nagustuhan ko, hiningi ko. hehe.

@Odin: unga. hehe. sorry naman. Madami akong nagawa sa blog na to na nagpagulo eh. hehe.


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