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Monday, January 21, 2008

"Pay it Forward"

I soo love this movie. Aside from I am David, i'm currently on the hunt for a copy of this in DVD. Hope I get to find one...

Category: Movies
Genre: Drama
Kevin Spacey — Eugene Simonet
Helen Hunt — Arlene McKinney
Haley Joel Osment — Trevor McKinney
Jay Mohr — Chris Chandler
James Caviezel — JerryJon
Bon Jovi — Rick McKinney

This movie is about a kid who conceptualized a strategy on changing the world in his own ways-"Pay it Forward". The concept is that a person will help three people. The deeds must be difficult, something the recipient cannot accomplish him/herself. Then, instead of paying the person back, the recipient will "pay it forward" by helping out three additional people. That way, the world may just become a better place to live. And it's all an assignment dreamt up by young Trevor McKinney for his Social Studies teacher Eugene Simonet. The movie is based on Catherine Ryan Hyde's novel of the same name.The acting ability of the actors is enough to make people stand up and take notice. Get the hankies out. By the end of Pay it Forward, there will hardly be a dry eye.The main purpose of this film is to make people cry, and it works well enough to disguise a rather fanciful story.

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James said...

This movie is so powerful!


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