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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Blessings during a bad day

5:57 am. I woke up with a jolt. Looked at my surroundings and remembered that I was supposed to finish somthing last night. My light was on, laptop running, documents scattered all over.

Then I heard the alarm. 6:00 am.

I saw my brothers entering my room. Apparently, no one in the house made them breakfast and lunch to bring to school. 6:05 am.

I still haven't had the luxury of time to learn how to cook, thus I made them a simple tuna omelet, plus milk, and bread. Same thing for their lunch except for the bread replaced by the rice (and to think I once thought I was ready to become a parent).

After attending to them, I took a bath, got dressed, but as I looked down, I realised that my black shoes still had brown shoe strings. They got cut off yesterday and I couldn't find short black ones, so I had to make do with these... for the meantime.

Then the mirror told a big story. A zit, somewhere at the edge of my eyebrow.

Packed my things and realized that my car was still at the shop for repairs.

Tricycle. 8:00am. No taxi around. Found an fx to lawton. Then another to Cubao. 9:30. St. Luke's. just in time for my telecon.

Then mid day... I realised that all was a blessing in disguise, then I had a serious talk with God.

Lord, thank you for letting me wake up late. I needed the sleep.

Lord, thank you for letting me cook for my bros. I once again experienced their hugs and kisses.

Lord, thank you for the zit. I am still human. Successful only through your grace. No better than the street vendor, yet blessed nonetheless.

Lord, thank you for my brown shoestring. Someone took the initiative to buy me a black one. I am cared for.

Lord, thank ou for "temporarily" taking my car away (Lord, I do stress out on TEMPORARILY, ok?). I had the chance to see many faces again. Ride all sorts of PUVs. Saw a smiling kid. People helping eachother. Smelled bad odor from others. blessings indeed. but despite these, I was never late. Still on time for my telecon. Got an fx the second I got out of the village, off a tricycle.

Lord, thank you for caring for me. I needed that. Thank you.

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