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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Villain

And the villain said, “I’m tired of entertaining y’all super heroes. I’m done getting blamed for everything.”

“I’m going back to being a netizen, find your own punching bag.”

And the villain let out his signature evil laughter, “bwa ha ha ha ha.”

But this time, the villain meant every “ha.”


Titan: This town isn't big enough for two supervillains!
Megamind: Oh, you're a villain all right, just not a SUPER one!
Titan: Oh yeah? What's the difference?
Megamind: Presentation!


Megamind: I'm so tired of running rampant through the streets, without you there to stop me. What's the point of being bad when there's no good to try and stop you? I had so many evil plans in the works - the illiteracy beam, typhoon cheese, robo-sheep... Battles we will now never have. So it's good to have this time now... You know, before I destroy the whole place.

Hal: You're so pathetic! No matter what side you're on, you're always the loser!
Megamind: There's a benefit to losing: You get to learn from your mistakes.

3 mga umutot:

Bino said...

di naabot ng utak ko ang post mo. grabe hehehe

Anonymous said...

"There's a benefit to losing: You get to learn from your mistakes."

so true!

Poipagong (toiletots) said...

@bino: lol kasi super random at wala nmn talga kinalaman sa kung ano ano.

@TR: ;D


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