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Sunday, August 5, 2012

OTS stickies 01

Toilet Thought's One Thought Sh*T stickies #1


Finally, the sun is up.

St. Paul's Hospital, SPICE building, Iloilo City 
(corridor/ toilet)

Note: realized this is too similar to www.thingsweforget.blogspot.com, in case I'm violating any copyright something something, pls feel free to email me at toxic.mind@yahoo.com. In any case, do visit their web page, they;ve got really nice stickies that any of you might be able to relate to. I just wanted to do the same thing here in Manila restrooms/ random places. The blogger is doing it in Singapore. *peace ya'll!*

6 mga umutot:

the green breaker said...

Cool. Hehe

Brian said...

oh t'was St. Paul's? There's a lot of cuties coming from St. Paul's College hehehe ☺

Anonymous said...

ang kyut ng posting, hehe


^_^ wReY and R0bbY said...

Nice illustration! Umuulan pa rin dito sa Maynila! Hay! ヅ

P.S. You may want to visit our blog and we'd love it more if we follow each other! ヅ


Anonymous said...

i have a picture of you while you posted this. :)

Poipagong (toiletots) said...

@Green_breaker: haha :)

@Brian: talagang mga cute inintindi? lol

@TRA: thanks!

@ReynRobby: onga, pag uwi ko manila grabe baha. thanks for visting!

@Anon: onga! hahahaha :D


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