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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


A single point does not make a line.

A Line is composed of two or more points, kinda like finding the truth, sometimes you need two more points to define it. 


Picture from here.

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bulakbolero.sg said...
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bulakbolero.sg said...

what is the point of this entry? lol. joke lang.

actually, even a single point can represent the truth. the problem is, are we going to look at this point?

Toilet Thoughts said...

sige joel, muwi-witty ka nanamn. haha.


Kane said...

Maybe a point and a line isn't the best metaphor for the truth? =) Just a thought sir.


Toilet Thoughts said...

Maybe so.

But in some instances, what I was trying to convey here is that even if one point tells the truth, it still doesn't really tell the whole. Like in conflicts, factions arise from hearing one side. Each sides would believe their own "truth," but when you look into each closely, you'd know that each is a truth in its own, but when combined, creates a greatter understanding of the misunderstanding of each truth. magulo ba? sorry, this post was made from a personal event. I really didn't expect everyone to relate to such a personal experience.


BTW, I can't think of a book to couple with that which I need to return to you. got any request?


Kane said...

Don't worry, I get you. You're talking about truths that refer to circumstances or events that happened.

I was thinking more of the absolute truths in life; such as

"The unexamined life is not worth living."

And yes, I am actually searching for some books by William Dalrymple. I will let you know which one =)



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