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Saturday, May 14, 2011

End of Summer series: Tuli

Summer's coming to a close and I'm seeing alot of 6th graders walking funny.

Circumsicion season is almost over but there are still a lot of kids going through this pinoy-must procedure.

My brothers had theirs last year after backing out while in line a year before.
So far, I'm guessing that there are two kinds of cut.

The Full type, which removes practically all foreskin off your rod.

The second is the partial type, which cuts off a portion and stitches it up for style.

And as such that pinoys are very creative in naming almost everything, let's look at how we'd call each cut.

The full type would be our "German cut," though I think formally it's the other type that it would refer to, but still we called it such because of how it looks like. A german soldier's helmet.

The partial type/ Dorsal slit is what we'd call "Rooster." Why? Because it somehow is compared to a rooster's comb, though imagine it reversed - the comb is placed below.

Which cut is best? I really wouldn't know. But which one is more commonly done? Let's ask all'ya male reader. Mine is a "german cut."

What's yours? Answer the poll below and let's see which one is most common. haha!

(katuwaan lang).

Tuli ka naba? ano cut mo?

pictures from here:
rooster head
german helmet

3 mga umutot:

jonathan said...

Funny you're writing about this when two weeks ago, in a major newspaper in here, the front page photo was that of Marikina vying for the most number of children to have circumcision. I suppose this kind of news merit a front page especially in a country where it is not practised. :-)

Toilet Thoughts said...

haha. front page of thai newspaper? surely that's not broadsheet? :P

Makii said...

naaliw ako dun sa mga types of cuts hehehe

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