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Friday, April 29, 2011

Quickie update and all that shit rants

I’m still alive, or at least that’s what I’d like to believe.

As always, work consumes most of my days along side with my personal life (family duties and all). Yesterday, I was asked if I could monitor Taiwan for two weeks. I wasn’t allocated the task yet, since they’re still surveying all seniors. I’m not really confident with my Mandarin so I had to be assured that I’m only required to communicate in English and all patient charts have to be written in that language. Oh well, I’m thinking this could be a good party/ club venue career boost.

But of course I can’t have everything nice and shiny. Minor distractions and flaws do pop out once in a while in life. Like my cough, which has been going on for such a long time that I’ve already forgotten when it started. My doctor friend says it looks like another allergy to add to my list. (feeling ko tuloy mayaman ako, sakit mayaman kasi sya haha).

Then the other day I’ve noticed I’ve been experiencing some right flank pain. Thus, I wanted to check for kidney stones – had my ultrasound, urinalysis, etc done. ‘twas funny actually, I asked the medtech to look into my right kidney and look for stones or any salt formations, it turned out I had no urates/ lithiates forming or whatever. She found some kidney cyst instead.

“O well, that’s just great,” was all I could say to my medtech (whom I’ve thought was a girl, but was really a man – another long story). Of course, so long as it’s not one of those proliferative KDs then I’m ok. If it gets too uncomfy, I’d have it sucked out/ removed. Nothing serious really, but I do enjoy telling my non medical friends about it and get that “awww are you alright” treatment. Then I’d go narrate how I’ve always thought I’d die before 32 (to think I’d claim I hate drama? Pffft! Haha!).

Oh well, blame it on old age.

When I was in elementary, we’d brag about our toys, action figures, cars and all.

In highschool, we’d brag about our latest gadgets, crushes and dates.

In college, we’d be all about parties, high grades, dates, gadgets and where to work.

When I was working, we’d brag about our cars, money, travel and all that shit.

And as I grow older, I’m guessing we’d be bragging about our latest ailments.

Like how I overheard my tito and tita’s conversing the other day.

Tito: “naku! Ang taas taas ng blood pressure ko!”
Tita: ” ay sus, ako nga ang hirap ng rayuma ko eh”
Tito: ”Eh ako ung prostate ko malaki na daw”
Tita: ”Ung catarata ko nga papaayos ko pa din”
Tito: ”Wala kayo ung diabetes ko lumalalala na.”

I really don’t want to end up like them. So I’m now starting on my project healthy lifestyle. I’m scheduling my exercise and planning on my “healthy food” menu.

Planning. When to start? I’m planning that out still. Haha! For now, I’ll continue to complain about my right flank pain, my possible carpal tunnel s., and my never ending cough.

Oh, and a few months from now, I’m turning 28. Oh no!

update: turns out urinalysis found a moderate amount to high urates, good bye chippy muna. haha!
and radiology did found a small cortical cyst on the right kidney. hmmmm. bukas papacheck up ako.

7 mga umutot:

dabo said...

need i say in a few days... hahaha

naku ang tatakaw nyo kasi maalat at matataba eh.

khantotantra said...

buti walang kidney ailment na dumapo sa iyo.

hehehe, katuwa nga pag matatanda, madamihan ng sakit ang labanan

Bino said...

hay, ayoko'ng maging sakitin pagtanda ko

jonathan said...

ingat, kung mayroong maitutulong, paki-sabihan lang ako :-)

red the mod said...

Cortical naman pala. Manageable yan, just watch what you eat. And easy on the salt. You've been talking about plans for a while now. How about doing the plans you made before you make new ones?

Coffee, for one. Haha.

Kane said...

Health problems can be spectacularly stressful, for me at least. The tests, the hospital visits, the medical equipments... it all feels so cold and rough.

I hope your health improves =) How are you? How is summer treating you? =)


Toilet Thoughts said...

@dabo: months pa nmn kuya. haha oo na, magddiet na nga kasi!

@khanto: kung sakali man, pwede nako sumama sa usapang matanda. dati bwal sumabat eh. :P

@Bino: tama!

@Phi Jon: IPAD2222!!!!! joke lang!

@Red: panira ka tlga ng diskarte. sshhh wag kang maingay, magpretend tayo na malala sya. haha!

@Kane: nagreply ako s abang paraan sayo. haha! :P


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