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Friday, April 1, 2011

25s-About-me/ Life is good Tag by Kath

I’ve noticed, uso ngayon ang mga “about myself” posts. I didn’t want to join the bandwagon and have already postponed this entry before, pero un nga I’ve promised Kath I’ll post the tag soon. So, kahit na masabihan pakong gaya gaya puto maya, I’ll post this now. Haha!

Thanks Kath for the tag, but I’m afraid I might be breaking some rules. I changed the format a bit and since I’m kinda OC, I wanted it to be a bit chronological, thus dividing them according to time points in my life. Oh, and I don’t think I can pass it to other bloggers since I don’t know anyone who’d do this one for me, haha!

Conditions for accepting award:
1. Thank and put a link back to the person who so kindly gave this award.
2. Share a few things about yourself.
3. Pass the award onto some mighty fine bloggers.
4. Inform these mighty fine bloggers that they have received the award.


1. First half of my elementary years were spent in a school run by nuns previously an all girls school in Batangas, the latter half in a coed private school in Paranaque.
2. My first emcee stint started when I was in 6th grade during a school Christmas program. Since then I’ve been hosting events till HS, then stopped when I developed hosting-stage fright during college (became corny as well, so no career in that).
3. My first kiss was with our hot yaya when I was in grade school. I used to try to peek at her big boobs. She is, I think, a distant relative as well.

High School:

4. One of our exams in one of my English/ Literature/ speech and drama class was for us to cry. It’s either you get 100 or 0. I got a 100 and I could still somehow cry on will.
5. I’ve only started drinking liquor right after high school. My HS best bud and I would commute to malate and hang out at Bedrock and get wasted till the morn. We do that almost every week end during the last HS summer break.
6. I’ve never paid tuition fees from high school till the second year of college. I got a grade lower than 2, thus I was kicked out of the city scholarship program.
7. I broke and went straight through a clear plastic roof while trying to peak at a neighbour taking a bath in their laundry area. I got bruises all over. Lesson learned? Try ladders.


8. I ran the oblation run when I was in 2nd year college. It was fun, but I won’t do it again. But I still am quite an exhibitionist, I think (except when with friends).
9. We had name-codes (baptismal names) in our college fraternity, I was given the name of Dragon Slicer (from The Lost Swords by Fred Saberhagen).
10. And since I’ve always like dragons, phoenix and all those mythical creatures, right after graduation, I would usually get a henna tattoo on the right pelvic area every summer event that I have.
11. I ran for College council (college rep) and had weird slogans of all sorts. I had stickers with the letter G hooked to a J all around campus. And when we’d do our classroom visits, one of my catch phrase would be, “If you see a G, hanging on a J, that’s me, Jeffrey G. hang on to me. Count on me.” Cheezy, but I won.
12. I started working as a research assistant on my 4th year to help me out through my expenses. Tutored for rich kids for 400/hr as well.


13. My first out of country meeting was in Denmark, I had no credit card, no savings and I miscalculated my cash float and had to sleep in the street and train station on my fist day. I was a fresh grad and had no social skills of whatsoever. But I had fun since I had backpackers doing the same.
14. So far, I’ve been to Denmark, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Hongkong and Singapore. But I would like to travel the Philippines more.
15. I lost my virginity overseas.

Life in general

16. I have allergic rhinitis. I got used to having one EVERY morning it almost doesn’t bother me anymore.
17. I love spicy food, but I don’t eat them on dates. I’d tend to sweat a lot.
18. I know sign language and would sometimes be the interpreter for church songs during Sunday service.
19. I’m now trying to learn Mandarin. AGAIN.
20. I’ve kept some (semi) nude pictures of myself in my phone (which I’ve deleted the other day when a friend accidentally discovered some of them. No particular reason why. I would just like to see if I’ve gone fat in the tummy. Pic comparisons, ya know.
21. I’ve never tried any prohibited drugs. I’ve known some friends who used ‘em but oddly, they’d forbid me to go to their dorms or would ask me out when they start a “session.” They prolly think I’m this pure soul that they should not corrupt. Haha!
22. I don’t smoke, tried it once or twice but never really grew accustomed to its taste and smell.
23. I’m a clumsy accident prone brat. So far, I have a big scar on my left knee, a total wreck car accident, several sprains, numerous broken antique plates, and weekly paper-grass-zipper-thread-cutter-knife-name-it-i-have-it cuts.
24. I’m a stress-emotional-emo-something eater.
25. One of these is not true.

6 mga umutot:

bulakbolero.sg said...

comedy yung “If you see a G, hanging on a J, that’s me, Jeffrey G. hang on to me. Count on me.” hahahaha.. piz!

sa tingin ko ang hindi tunay dito yung 15 kase virgin ka pa hanggang ngayon. lol. kase sa pinas palang e nakatikim ka na ng bebot.

charles said...

Paranaque Science High School, 'yung classmate ko sa isang GE galing jan, mggagrad na siya, Metallurgical Engineering. haha, bka my kilala ka lang.

Siguro no. 15 'yung false, wala kasing masyadong explanation eh, haha

Will said...

Oo nga, pansin ko rin na uso yung mga "About Me" posts na yan. Makagawa nga rin. Hehehehe.

E. Wong said...

Nong batch ka sa UP? Buti na lang di ka nakapag-kampanya sa klasrum namin dati, kundi hagalpak siguro ako sa islogan mo! hehehe

grabe ah, P400/hr na tutorial! Astig! sobrang yaman naman nung mga tutees mo... Ako dati, P120/hr e.. mga barat na koryano, hahaha

Toilet Thoughts said...

@bulakbulero: loko ka! haha pero oo aminado naman akong comedy un, hundi pa un ung buo. may kadugtong pa un, pero overkill na kung sabihin ko pa dito haha!

@charles: masyado nakong matanda para makilala ko pa sila haha!

@Will: sige gawa ka din haha.

@E.wong: iwas ako sa mga classroom na may kagaya mo. joke lang. un nga kasi ung point. comic relief. sobrang seryoso ng speech, kelangan lang ng pang relax. haha! :P

Viktor Saudad said...

this is a fun read...

I'd like to hear more of your German adventure :)

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