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Saturday, April 2, 2011

DFA, Manila Passport Renewal

Prepare for your renewal of passport by logging into the DFA's Passport services website.

Look into the requirements, schedule your appointment and download the form needed. Make sure you print it in the required paper size (LONG BOND PAPER).
My schedule was at 8am, I was there around 7:30am. I was done before 9am.

Things to bring:
1. your requirements.
2. A book or a gadget to keep you entertained.
3. your requirements.

It helps if you've filled up your forms and photocopied all required documents, whether it's the 1st or last stamped pages of your old passport, before arriving or your birth certificate or whichever is in your list of requirements. Please take note that requirement differs for what type of application you are requesting for. Believe me, taking a good look at the website list will save you time. You don't really need any agents for this one.

Step 1: Processing and Evaluation
All you need to to is give out your requirements.

Step 2: Payment/ Cashier
The step title said it all.
Step 3: Encoding/ Enrollment
They'd give you a number, wait to be called. You'll be ushered to a booth for your picture and some details.
Tips for your pic:
1. make sure you love what you wear, it will forever be in your passport. There wasn't any strict requrement so long as you wear something with a collar. I was wearing a shirt at that time.
2. you are not allowed to smile. But you can smize. Do practice in the mirror.

If you want it to be brought to your home (recommended), you just need to pay a small amount of money it will save you the hassle of transportation to the embassy.

It was easy really. I was surprised at how efficient the process was. And this is Philippine governement.

8 mga umutot:

Seth said...

You're sooo lucky you had yours renewed last year.

Right now it's terribly delayed.

Walang rush rush. Lahat ng passport 1 month before marelease.

Mas maganda nga din naschedule ka sa umaga. Sa hapon, inabot ako ng 5 hours.

Toilet Thoughts said...

Sorry seth, ayaw mag sink in sakin ng mga sinabi mo. nadidistract ako sa pwet. haha. :P

*peace*! *V(",)

bulakbolero.sg said...

may bayad ba sa'yo ang DFA dito?

Toilet Thoughts said...

uhhmmm. wala. naamaze lang ako nung ako ung nagpa renew ang bilis. swertihan lang siguro. haha.

Bart said...

Porke ba nagsabi ng maganda about DFA e binayaran na? Not all is bad sa ating gobyerno, kung binabatikos natin yung mali, let's take time also to compliment the good ones.

Thanks, Toilet Thoughts, this was very informative...

Anonymous said...

When you photocopy your passport and other documents, do they have to be in long bond paper? Or is short bond paper ok?
The instructions did not state this. It only stated that the application form has to be in long bond paper, but it did not mention anything about the photocopied documents.

Your answer will be greatly appreciated.


Poipagong (toiletots) said...

A year or two ago, it really didn't matter. The form should be in long bond paper, the rest can be in whatever. Mine was copied in A4.

But since you have the luxury of time and is actually preparing, better go with consistency for assurance. Get everything in those long sheets.

Aryt? Thanks for droppin by! :D

Anonymous said...

Will do. Thanks for the reply! :)

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