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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Meeting Mom: Intermission

All: Piktyur! Piktyur!

(Photographer points cam)


Mom: sternly shouts, "DON'T DO THAT!"

Me: *disappointed smile*


My mom doesn't like my pout. How hurtful is that?! haha!

In anycase, I'm still in the process of writing my update on meeting mom. My thoughts are still quite a mess and my first few days, I got a bit emotional, so that's why I still cannot give out updates.

Aryt, down to business: My birthday is coming up and a friend commented how hard it is to find me a gift and requested I give out a wishlist. So here are some tips in giving me gifts (ANG KAPAL KAPAL KO LANG NO?)

1. Mababaw lang ako. I appreciate practially anything given to me.
2. I like impractical stuff. The weirder the better. Hard to find things would be great.
3. But kung ayaw mo mag isip ng regalo, here is my list:

a. cool wallet
b. tazmanian devil car accessory: steering wheel cover etc.
c. gimik small backpack (hindi ung pang Dora the explorer)
d. hamburger mini speakers (blue chrome finish, or black or red matted finish)
e. boy's cap (basta ang hirap explain)
f. pacute pokpok shirt. basta din.
g. basta be creative.

Ayan. Pag nahirapan pa kayo ewan ko nalang. hahahaha!

Sa mga may birthday sa July dyan, wala ba kayong wishlist? nahihirapan ako magisip eh (calling on geek, ewik, odin, jepoy, etc. sino pa ba?)

3 mga umutot:

Katherine said...

ay may taglay na taray si muther! :P

anyway, wish you all the best sa iyong nalalapit na kaarawan :D

odin hood said...

uu naisip ko nga rin gumawa ng wishlist lol

jonathan said...

Ang lupet! may list, na-pressure naman ako. lol!

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