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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Yakimix Jap overload

I grew up with only Kamayan as my only choice of buffet restaurant. Then came its triple V alliance (parang voltes V lang). Of course there’s Cabalen which I think is getting better than Kamayan. The triple V group however is losing its magic on me already. I’ve already memorized the taste of their food and they don’t anymore bring me to that gastro orgasmic frenzy like they used to. Manang’s menu over at Rufino’s jollijeep sounds more exciting even.

Then I was introduced to Yakimixx by an online friend. The mere thought of Jap on buffet already gave me heavenly tummy spasms from all the craving.

For only 550 Php (with bottomless drinks) for lunch, Yakimixx sounded like a hoax, it was simply too good to be true. I doubted its quality as a Jap restaurant and dared try it with friends just for the heck of it.
But I almost went on a happy excited crazy bawl over what I saw at yakimix. Fresh Japanese food, with a wide selection of your favourite sushi, from your usual maguro sushi, you also have your chicken and apple, spicy salmon, unagi and many others. But that’s just one buffet table. Another separate long table would have your salad bar, a Chinese-Jap viand collection (fried rice, soup, tempura, etc.), an appetizer bar and a dessert bar.

Animetric would describe one section as his “anti-umay bar” laden with your atchara, kimchi, spinach and pickled vegetables. The dessert part would feature a wide variety of pastries, cakes and ice cream.

But I guess what would keep one from coming back is Yakimix’s wide variety of meat seasoned in many different ways possible (beef pepper steak, spicy HK chicken, pork barbeque, and even some of your white meat seafood selection). This part one would enjoy as you’d have to cook them on your smokeless griller placed at the center of your table. This way, you have complete control on how you’d love your meat whether cooked easy or well done.
I just hope they could maintain the quality of their food with the same price. As I would like to keep on coming back.
For now, I’m giving them ten thumbs up! I’m definitely recommending this to my friends.

More reviews at
More pictures at
BC 25, Hobbies of Asia,
Diosdado Macapagal Blvd. Pasay City,
Metro Manila

*Update: They now have their MOA branch and i think the Tomas Morato branch is opening as well.)

22 mga umutot:

citybuoy said...

looks good! ma-try nga.

Padsiefoot said...


Ang tagal rin ah bago mo 'to na-post. LOL.

Gusto ko magpakalunod sa desserts nila.

odin hood said...

waaaw! kain tayo diyan...

anteros' dominion said...

parang masarap diyan ah....

gusto ko niyan

(maliban sa paggamit ng chopsticks..hindi ko talaga maperfect.amfufu)

Anonymous said...

aku yun! ^^

Padsiefoot said...

Mr. Anonymous, I think kilala kita. HAHAHA!! Huli ka!!

Hoy madugas ka!! Asan na yung ibang pics ng day na yan???

Toilet Thoughts said...

@CB: go go! me bago na silang branch!

@pads: ang tagal no? haha

@Odin!!!! tara! invite kita pag naschedule nanamin nila kuya A.

@anteros: tara!

@pads... madami ba itong piktyur nung araw? hmmm tinitingnan ko ung folder ko, konti lang kaya. haha

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

mukhang masarap at ayos naman ang mga pagkain diyan..

Padsiefoot said...

Tats, meron pa. Yung doon sa wall climbing. Meron ka? Penge! ^__^

FYI, tats for tatay. Hehehe!

Dhon said...

Sarrrrraaappp!!! :)

Anonymous said...

quite interesting read. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did you hear that some chinese hacker had busted twitter yesterday again.

Toilet Thoughts said...

@pads: anak, ung pics natin nung wall climbing puro likod lang at bato. Di pa tayo close kaya wlang interesado magpiktyur sa inyo. Iba pinipiktyuran ko, hihihihi

@Dhon: yeap! try it out minsan.

@Anonymous: thanks! Feel free to add me up in twitter. But please do introduce yourself. You have to be a real person for me to add you up. I hope you understand if i don't just let "anyone" in my tweet updates. Cheers!

Padsiefoot said...

"Iba pinipiktyuran ko, hihihihi"
- Hahaha! Naalala ko na! Alam ko kung sino pini-picturan mo hahaha!!

Chyng said...

been wanting to go there, lalo na araw araw ko yan nadadaanan papunta sa ofc. sino kaya maaya ko jan? hhmm...

Anonymous said...


bakit ganyan pangalan mo? mukhang paa ka ba? or amoy paa? :P

at bakit mo ako hinihingan ng piktyur niyan eh hindi naman ako kasama diyan.

lucas said...

oohhh...yummy! sira ang diet ko kapag mapadpad ako dyan..hehe!

Padsiefoot said...

To the anonymous guy who is asking if I look like a foot:

Hindi po ikaw yung anonymous na tinutukoy ko na hinihingian ko ng pics hehehe. Yung first anonymous poster po yung kausap ko. ^_^

Padsiefoot said...

To the anonymous guy who is asking if I look like a foot:

Hindi po ikaw yung anonymous na tinutukoy ko na hinihingian ko ng pics hehehe. Yung first anonymous poster po yung kausap ko. ^_^

Anonymous said...

@ padsiepaa:


ako nga yun!

Anonymous said...

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