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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Taiwan Trip

I still don't have all the pics but here are some... and yes that's my bathroom on the background. My room was really cool and the bathroom was all glass. It was kinda freaky seeing the shower directly from the bed, thus it was such a good thing that I shared the room with no one. hahahaha!
12 November 2007

I flew in and arrived in Taiwan before lunch. Checked in at Grand Victoria Hotel. It was fairly new, designed in such a modern style, minimalistic and posh, modern victorian. The chair in my room was clear plastic that looked liked glass. The bathroom was all glass... freaky, but cool. It had an automatic drop down blinds that covers up the whole bathroom glass wall, so 'twas ok. hahaha!

13 November 2007

Meeting day. Nothing much to say. Toxic. Nosebleed. Too much information. hahaha!
But night time was different. We had our Hub night and the theme was Taipei Rock. Since Nathalie and I were new comers from the Philippines we had to have our share of a presentation. We sang like 5 spliced songs from Highschool Musical (the 1st one), with the movie presentation as shown on the before post.
14 November 2007

Another whole day of meeting... again... nose bleed.
But we did rode the ferry's wheel on top of a mall. It was so big it took us almost half an hour just to get back to the bottom part and back again.

15 November 2007

We went to this place where they make glass arts. As usual, first actiity was the boring part, HISTORY. Didn't listen much. Next was a demo on glass making. They showed each step from getting the liquid glass thingy, to blowing bubbles in it, to rotating it to make it look like a wine glass, and to twisting it finalizing it to become a colored plate. ASTIG! Another activity was to design our own glass. I ran out of ideas so I just painted the theme of our meeting, Taipei 101 with Asia written across.
Afterwhich, the whole group was divided into three depending on your choice of place to hang out. (1) Taipei 101, (2) Museum, and (3) Villa 32 - a spa place... I chose the Museum, which most of us did. When we saw the brochure of Villa 32, we wished we could've chosen that instead. Our big boss, who also chose to be at the Museum, changed her mind in split seconds and went for the spa experience. As for me, all I saw in the museum were ceramic plates, jade thingys and whatever historical stuffs. Darn!
16 November 2007
Flew black to Manila. So tired.

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