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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Getting over the bad things... counting all that's good

I got hit on the head and realised that its not worth my time to sulk and be miserable about life. I've stopped blogging even before I actually started, but now, I'm back. Somehow, I've learned how to deal with the pressure at work, the pressures in life... well the list goes on but let's not dwell on them, but instead let's celebrate life.

Let me first count all the good things that I've taken for granted before...
1. I've got tons of work. This would only mean that I have something to feed myself and myfamily. There are a lot of people trying to look for work, but couldn't find one. Though there are times when I feel like I don't belong to where I am right now, or at least in this kind of work that I do. The only reason that gets me going on is that somehow I know that God placed me here. Things just fell into place without me planning it. So I guess the only way that I can be fruitful in whatever I do is to acknowledge Him in all things I do. I don't know where I am going, but knowing that God knows where to put me gives me peace.
2. I've got lots of bills to pay. I have this organizer where there's a divider containing one envelope per section. Each envelope would have a label that reads all the things that I have to set money aside for. Each would give a bid dent on my savings but still I try to look at what each dent means. One envelope would read Phone bills, which only means that I have the "convinience in communication". Another would read Jay and Jet to which I place an amount for their school tuition fee. This got me to realise that I am blessed with the means to help my brothers in getting a good education, a priceless treasure one parent or...

to be continued... my partner is calling me

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