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Sunday, July 15, 2007

July 10 - Mah Burdey!

Happy Birthday!

Yes, 'twas my birthday last week. Unfortunately, I spent my birthday working. I had to stay in a hotel, far away from relatives. Good thing, I had one of my colleagues to accompany me on this trip. She was kind enough to inform the hotel crew of my getting older and demanded... yes demanded that something must and should be prepared for me. 'Twas kinda wierd as it seems that the hotel sounded like it wasn't used to greeting its guests (on any occassion unless they reserved a function room for a party or something). But like I said, my friend was very determined and demanded that a cake be sent to my room by 7:00 am. (check out the cake, pure black native chocolate, or at least that's how it tasted... yuuuummmmm!).

We celebrated my birthday, though we were working, by eating... no, make that globbering some food. haha! A day before, we went to Golden Cowrie in Cebu. I wasn't able to take pictures so I'll just borrow some from wordpress.

The restaurant served it with a very unusual plate. It was kind of made of capiz (white sea shell)with a golden cowrie printed on top, but it wasn't cut out like a soup bowl or would have a reservoir for liquid food. It was plain flat which I first mistook for a placemat rather than a plate. Then they would place a newly heated banana leaf on top of the capiz plate. It was a new experience... and it was great! The food was delish! But I did wish we could've ordered more so that i could have tasted more dishes. I guess there could still be next time.

BTW, I'm now 24!!!!!!!!!

Till next ish!

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