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Monday, May 28, 2012

Summer Fling

Some find new love. Others get left behind.

It’s amazing how many things can happen. It’s amazing how so much can end.

Like how summer fades, and as how it is here in the tropic regions, the rain would wash away all summer trace.

Back in the days, it was called a shipboard romance. It only lasted as long as the ship was at sea.

But at least summers last longer. So long as the sun still heats up the sands, the fiery atmosphere persists and extends to the loins.

So be careful with your hearts. You simply wouldn’t want to burn and be left behind.

Or maybe you’d be lucky. And find that the sun still shines even during the rains.

For all that it’s worth, and though it is fast ending, don’t forget to have fun in the summer sun.

Summy Fling
KD Lang

Early morning mid-july
Anticipation's making me high
The smell of sunday in our hair...
You ran on the beach with kennedy flair

Sweet, sweet burn
Of sun and summer wind
And you my friend
My new fun thing
My summerfling
laugh...oh how we would laugh
At anything

And so pretend
Forsake the logic
Of perfect plans...
A perfect moment
Slipped through our hands
Sweet, sweet burn
Of sun and summer wind

And you my friend
My new fun thing
My summerfling

The wind can change so quickly
Without a word of warning
Rearrange our lives
Until they're torn in two

image from here and here

Matagal na tong naka auto-post for the end of summer (2011). Pero with friends' circumstances/ recent events baka ma-bigyan pa ito ng meaning. Wag gawan ng issue pls. Ayaw ko na tong ipa-auto post for 2013. LOL.

2 mga umutot:

Strife of Cloud said...

Summer Fling tlga., hahaha unfortunately., haha summer ko loveless. hahaha! :)

Poipagong (toiletots) said...

Hahaha good for you! consider it a good thing. hahaha.


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