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Friday, April 27, 2012

Playing pretend

Be careful of what you pretend to be
you are what you pretend to be
- Kurt Vonnegut

But what if you're me,
cannot see which is real or which is pretend
but I guess I am what I pretend to be,
and all those things added in the blend.
yeah, o schizo me.


Sometimes I ask myself, am I (this) good (person) pretending to be bad, or bad pretending to be good. Or maybe both. There's always a bad side in all of us afterall.

Boredom and waiting for a late research assistant does this to you.

2 mga umutot:

miss Gee said...

hhhmmm. napaisip tuloy ako kung ano ako jan. but either way pareho nega

Poipagong (toiletots) said...

dun tayo sa multiplication.

negative x negative = positive

we can always turn something bad to good. :)

salamat ms gee sa pagdaan!


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