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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Toilet's Plane adventures

My trips have always been coupled with so much memorable feat, from funny little moments to outright disasters, from series of unfortunate events to a domino of lucky moments. They've been all fun. Memorable. One time I was too early for a meeting in another countryI had to sleep at the train station. No enough money to buy food except for 40 kroner worth of small McDo burger (thats around 400 PhP). Another time coming from another country one of the turbines seemed to had a problem, good thing we landed already, but had to be towed near the actual parking, welcomed by ambulance and firemen.

Flying with me was never a dull moment for officemates. One time my colleague was so sure something will happen just because he was flying with me. All was almost perfect, when at the last x-ray they had to detain me because of a large swiss knife complete with all sorts of screw driver, a clipper, pliers, the works. Imagine how I forgot it was there and how from the Phiippine Airport, that large thing got in another country. My colleague swears that one of these days, I'll probably give him a heart attack.

Recently, I've only been flying local, Cebu mostly, with Davao here and there. No more international adventures. But I guess luck is still at my side.

I've been late a lot of times. But at one time, I had to check in at a counter with a very large man (buwaya looking), with a very big belly, and a look that says "Don't mess with me."

I gave my e-ticket to which he sternly replied, "Late ka na ha, next flight ka na." At which he started muttering all the payments I had to make.

"Sir, hindi po ba guaranteed seat kasi naka book ako? before naman konting oras nalang nakaka check in pa ako"

"45 minutes before the flight. Dapat andito ka na, kundi ibibigay namin sa mga nagaantay ng flight ung slot mo." My world just crashed. I wanted to argue that I could just be upgraded to business class since I was an elite member, but he wanted me to buy another ticket. i just idn't understand why he was being so unhelpful. he wouldn't even benefit from another ticket sale.

I was never good with arguments and confrontations. I felt bad. The ground staff was a bit rude, he was never accomodating, never listened to my own opinion and treated his own as final and unbreakable. Plus, since I was on a hurry, I had to pay 1000k to upgrade myself to business class.

With my then smug face, I dragged my broke ass towards my unwilling business class seat.

But recent events came with a different twist. I learned to wake up earlier. Dress up faster. Pack up lighter. So with another PAL flight, I went an hour earlier last monday.

My flight was 3:00pm. I was there minutes before 2:00pm. I waited till I get to the counter from the short line that i followed.

Another check in coutner reopened. I was motioned to go straight towards it.

"Sir saan po? Wag nyo sabihin Cebu." an all smile pretty staff greeted.

"Ha? Cebu nga," I said with a contorted face to emphasize my puzzled state.

"Sir, Overbooked na po tayo ngayon,"

To which I defensively replied "Hindi ako late. Ayan o, wala pang 2:00. 45 minutes diba?"

My voice was rising already. My ears felt like they were on fire.

"Sir, oo nga po. Kaya po we sincerely (yeah right) apologize and would like to make up for your lost time."

I was ushered to a small operations office with a seemingly senior staff welcoming me as if i was part of a korean travel tour. It turns out that "make up for your lost time" means that i would have to be rebooked at the next flight. It means that I have to wait another 2-3 hours. It means that I would have to eat some more pastries at the lounge.

But it also means that I get to have a Free Roundtrip Ticket anywhere around the Philippines, valid for one year. I can now hear the songs of vacation calling. I've got the ticket. I only need the date when.

hehe. sometimes, my misadventures are replaced with a much welcomed adventure.

i love life. i love me. i love the Philippines.


15 mga umutot:

odin hood said...

haha defensive

ganun pala yun... so san mo naman balak pumunta para magbakasyon??

wanderingcommuter said...

sad to say but i have never rode an airplane before... huhuhu...
i agree odin. may defensive. HAHAHA

Mugen said...

Takot ako sa eroplano. One time ko pa lang nasubukan, pero wala pa akong balak ulitin ulit. Hehe.

ann said...

jep! di na talaga maalis ang pagiging lucky mo. joke!

ika said...

weird din diba?
they compensate their shortcomings with GC that will guarantee another bad experience with their incompetent company.

Toilet Thoughts said...

@Odin: Di naman masyadong defensive...

Bakasyon? I've never been to borakay... or palawan... basta whoite sand na beach masaya nako.

@Wanderingcommuter: ganun ba kadefensive? hindi ko naisip na defensive ung dating...

Tara sama ka sakin. bora tayo!

Toilet Thoughts said...

@mugen: hehe, nabanggit mo nga minsan... bakit nga ulit?

Ay sus. kelangan natin ischedule ang plane trip. Face your fears dude!

@Ann: Oo na, oo na. Pero wala akong balat sa pwet, sa etits meron.

@Ika: hehe me bitter. hehe. But there's truth in it. Just a while ago, on my way to manila, PAL said that the domestic gates weren't available, thus they had to direct us to the international, but had to transport us by bus to the domestic area. Really inconvinient and time consuming. Good thing the rain stopped.

RONeiluke, RN said...

hays...i hate that sort of people...if you're a public servant at least pretend to be accomodating and stuff kesa sabayan pa yung init ng ulo mo, right?

hindi pa ako nakaksakay ng eroplano..ahehe!

aliping binabahay said...

ang galing naman, hehe. alam ko lang free yung food mu, tapos pag mejo matagal pa yung susunod na flight mu, ibu-book ka nila sa isang motel, este hotel pala. di ko alam na may free tix din, hehe.

ako naman hindi pa nakakasakay ng eroplano.

jonathan said...

How about taking dramamine (for air sickness) ten minutes before boarding time and then an announcement blurted out, "Flight to Manila is delayed for 2 more hours!" What the!

Toilet Thoughts said...

@Roneiluke: PAL pa lang to ha, wala pa tayo sa government offices (not that I have something against the government employees, hindi nmn lahat)

@Alipingbinabahay: hehe. hindi ko pa nararanasan ung libreng motel este hotel.

@Jonathan: delayed for 2hours more? that's usual here. and delays usually are not being compensated or would even warrant special treatment from the airline.

Anonymous said...

Hello there. Kelangan talaga back with revenge? hehe

Wow free round trip ticket.Ang swerte naman talaga ni Poy. hehe Great reward for you. Bakasyon time muna, masyado ka yata seryoso sa trabaho. hehe

Anyway, ask ko lang, since you've mentioned Davao, Maganda ba dun? Ano bang meron sa Davao? Plano kong mgabakasyon. It's time to explore the Philippine Islands. hehe


tagabukid said...

wala akong swerte sa upgrades o kaya ma off-load with all the perks of either being booked in a 5star hotel with at least $200 for incidental expenses or a free roundtrip ticket or both. the only time i got a 'free' roundtrip ticket was after earning mileage from frequent flyer membership.

pero me na alala ako about the swiss knife. it happened last year but this time of all people sa mom ng bestfriend ko, in our trip to bora, despite the repeated reminder sa mga oldies kung anong bawal dalhin. but the funny scene (at least to us but an utter embarrassment for my friend and his wife) was when mommy was questioned at the final security check about the swiss knife and she replied: aba, ewan ko bat nanjan yan sa bag ko, feigning surprise!

ayan nag kwento pa ako, di bale tagal ko naman di naka-comment dito sa blog mo e, bawi lang wholesale na ito hehe.

Roland said...

ang bait mo naman... kung nakipagsigawa ako sa ground staff... dapat tinanong mo yung staff, kumuha kaba ng customer service course? ...kasi hindi halata, haha.

anyway, good karma sau yun... kasi gud person ka. naks! sama ko sa next vacation mo. haha.

_ice_ said...

wow... sarap naman ng buhay... lagi nlng bakasyon..

kung ako.. pinatulan ko na yong staff makapal mukha ko eh heheheh


i love reading ur stories...

pasyal ka naman sa blog ko tnx have a great day tol


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