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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My first post... an Introduction

Tazzed: verb, strucked with a memorable event, an encounter or an adventure.

You'll find here some of my stories (some of my adventures and misadventures) , stories I've found from other blogs, bits and pieces of poems I've made before...

Also, if you have any unusual event in your life, share it with me... we coudn't have enough tazzness in the world to encourage, inspire, enlight, touch, and even sadden, arouse, enrage, and cheer up each of our lives. and I do encourage you all to submit yours. Tickle my imagination. submit to toxic.mind@yahoo.com.

BTW, this picture is me. You'll see more in future posts. I'm not a writer, nor a poet, just your average guy documenting some emotions happening around... the adventures of life...

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