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Monday, September 9, 2013

Bye bye love

Saying good bye for me is like smelling grass. You’d get that feel of going back home, of reminiscing the past. You get that confirmation that a season has come to an end, but at the same time, know that it’s never really final. The smell of green moist grass will turn to a dry crisp one, but you know that the dry grass will spring a new sheet again after dying. Some things come in full circle, though may present itself with a different mask. People come and go, but paths do still cross.

I've had my emotional share of good byes mostly with good friends. I’ve lost all of my high school friends to their plight for happiness, romance, or the generic search for a greener pasture. One married a Korean and migrated to k-pop land. Another got married and got too busy. The others went overseas for work. I've lost my college friends in almost the same scenario. My college crime buddies either went back home to the US, or migrated to Au. I’ve created new best buds along the way but bade them good bye as well, owing to differences, or maybe just plainly growing apart.
But I never dismissed the fact that our paths will still cross. Like no matter how many “Keep off the grass” signs are planted on the ground, you’re still bound to find yourself in the middle of park-sized patch, surprise surprise.

So yeah, I’m bidding blogging good bye for now. Bidding farewell to all the good and bad memories. From meeting new friends to office mates using my blogging as gossip material to ruin my name in the field. I’m keeping the good memories and forgetting the not so good ones.
And for all the real names that I've come to know, saved in my phone book, added in FB, partied, cheered, cried with or served with in an outreach, will remain part of my geographically challenged path.

I’ve been on AWOL on blogging already, might as well officiate it. I've been busy with work, transitioning from being a lost soul to a rebel ninja, sidelining as a wizard, shadowhunter and… whatever (sorry I lost my trail of thought haha).
So this is it. I bid online world good bye.

Because I’ll be eternally busy.

Getting on this new role.

Of a superhero.

So, bye bye love... for now.

2 mga umutot:

jonathan said...

Congratulations officially but sadly saying goodbye but I know you will be back.

Poipagong (toiletots) said...

Haha kuya jon! well, this good bye won't really be applicable to those people who have been part of my real life. text text nalang. haha


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